Garage Doors: Upgrade Tips, Costs and Paint Colors That Sell

upgraded painted light blue garage door with white trim and 4 small windows

Are you interested in making home improvements that increase your property’s value? Most homeowners understand that curb appeal plays a huge role in the marketability of your house.  

It’s less commonly known, however, that refreshed or upgraded garage doors have one of the highest returns on investment of any home update. Garage door improvements in the U.S. have an average return on investment (ROI) of 93.3% in 2022, according to the most recent Cost vs. Value Report.  Enhancements to your garage door’s aesthetic and functionality are wise investments for anyone planning to sell their home.  

There is a lot to consider, from fresh paint to complete replacements, especially if your garage has remained the same for decades. And home improvements have certainly changed since the days of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor!

So, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, let’s discuss the dos and dont’s of garage door upgrades. 

Matching garage enhancements to your home 

Homes with garages that face the road have the most substantial opportunities to increase curb appeal with strategic updates. Neglected and dated garage doors tend to have the opposite effect. Prospective buyers usually perceive these home features as unfashionable, contributing to a less desirable overall impression.  

If your garage needs a facelift, make sure to choose a door that enhances the style of your home. A bold, audacious new garage door may suit your home well, but sometimes a subtle upgrade is best. Consider these questions as you decide how to improve your garage door:  

  • Does the exterior of my property fit a particular style (i.e., modern, historical, etc.)? 
  • What are the styles and attributes of other homes in my neighborhood? 

Your best bet is to match existing characteristics for a polished look. A dash of color and other striking cosmetic changes may well be within the realm of desirable updates. Gauge your home’s existing style to accentuate its curb appeal as you figure out the best updates for your property and budget. 

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Painting an existing garage door  

Does your garage door function well and fit in with the rest of your house? You might consider budget and time-friendly updates to boost your home’s curb appeal. Homeowners with functional garage doors can increase property values with some fresh paint! 

Accent colors that pop – but not too loudly – enhance the exterior of any home. Choose a hue that plays well with the color schemes already present. Select a color for your garage door that compliments your front door, porch steps, roof, or the trim of your windows. Paint your garage doors a few shades darker or lighter than these features to create an integrated and visually appealing look. Traditional black or white paint is usually a winning option. Sometimes introducing an unexpected or contrasting color adds character. But before picking a palette, use a color wheel and consult with experts to ensure your dazzling hue plays well with the style of your home. When in doubt, choose a classic or modest shade.

Garage door replacement styles and costs 

In recent years, garage door manufacturers have introduced a range of options to the market that offers enhanced insulation, security features, and a variety of styles. If your current garage door malfunctions or detracts from your home’s curb appeal, weigh your options based on your budget, location, and home appearance. 

Which garage door style is suitable for your property?  

Contemporary style 

  • Made with a wide range of materials, including aluminum, glass, steel, fiberglass, and wood – and often uses a combination of materials.  
  • Many are artfully designed with windows and striking, minimalist features. This style will look amazing if your home’s appearance is sleek and modern.  
  • Anticipate costs dollars for contemporary-style garage doors to range from $800 to $7,000, depending on size, materials, and features. 

Carriage-style (and other wood-based designs) 

  • Look fabulous with colonial, Victorian, farmhouse, Cape Cod, and craftsman-style homes. These are typically made from wood or wood-composite materials. Look for carriage-style garage doors that fit the historical integrity of your home or for companies that make custom ones.  
  • Prices vary based on wood, details, and sizing types, typically ranging from $1,200 for budget-friendly composite options to $8,000 for higher quality, more ornate styles. 

Budget-friendly options

  • Come in a variety of styles: the most installed garage doors are cost-effective with raised paneling  
  • Usually made from steel and sometimes wood. Industrial-style roll-up garage doors are less expensive and add character to specific homes.  
  • The least expensive, no-frills selections lack insulation, stylistic details, and safety features. Budget-friendly styles cost between $700 to $1,800.  

Upgrading garage door features  

Garage doors have changed a lot since the 90s! If you haven’t replaced or repaired yours since TLC topped the charts, consider these modern updates to improve the way your garage looks and works: 

  • Smartphone-operated remote controls command your garage door to open for delivery drivers or family members while you’re at the gym, monitor your property, and never again wonder if you forgot to lock up as you zip off for the day. Innovative home technologies are more common and affordable than ever and will be desirable to prospective buyers. 
  • Repaired and restored door opener components make for smoother, quieter, and quicker grand entrances (and exits). Tune into what your trusty garage opener needs, from tracks and motor parts to maintenance like scrubbing and lubricating. 
  • New hardware is a small but impactful touch that creates a finished, cared-for appearance. 
  • Reseal weather strips to keep moisture and drafts from creeping in and creating problems. You won’t be able to see this change, but you will be able to smell it and feel it (no one likes a moldy garage). Follow these instructions to guide you through the process. 
  • Install windows in your garage door for a low-cost visual transformation. Keep your home secure by choosing thicker, frosted glass to ensure the garage’s contents are private and tamper-proof. 
  • Insulating your garage door or entire garage is essential in weatherproofing your home. Prospective buyers value energy efficiency and resilience from temperature changes. 
  • Resurface your garage doors with wood paneling. Overlays and cladding transform your garage door and usually cost a fraction of a complete garage door replacement.  

Last year, published an informative cost guide that breaks down financial investments and average returns for most upgrades discussed here.  

Add value – not stress – with garage door upgrades 

Don’t let the myriad garage door enhancements overwhelm you. Deciphering the best options for your home is no easy task, but luckily, you don’t need to develop a plan alone. The home improvement experts at Curbio will do the heavy lifting (as well as the planning, installing, painting, etc.)! We’ll identify the garage door projects with the highest potential of increasing your home’s curb appeal and profitability.  

Let us handle every detail of your pre-listing home improvement projects, and pay us when you see the returns. Learn more about our award-winning end-to-end service that gives thousands of homeowners and real estate agents across the U.S. less stress and more money! Share some details about your home below to get started! 

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