Meet Jason, Curbio’s Nashville-Area Project Manager

Jason Walker is Curbio’s Nashville-based, on-site Project Manager. He’s been with the company for over two and a half years, having started in the Chicago market. In 2021, he transferred to Nashville after moving to Tennessee with his family, where he enjoys access to outdoor adventures and the region’s Southern hospitality.

Why does Jason work for Curbio?

Jason says, “I saw what a benefit Curbio was for Realtors® and sellers. For me, it was a no-brainer because it genuinely helps people – and that’s one of my goals in life.”

Aside from helping people, Jason is drawn to Curbio’s unique and efficient process that combines technology with home improvement management and completion. He also enjoys working for a company that genuinely values its employees.

Home improvements that help people

One of Jason’s favorite projects was at a young family’s home in Lombard, IL. They had a three-year-old and a one-year-old, which reminded him of his own experience raising toddlers with his wife.

Before Curbio worked on the home, its value was around $250,000. The project cost $23,000, with a scope that included repainting and kitchen renovations. After renovations, the family sold the home for $305,000, which increased the home’s value by $55,000. The family made an additional $32,000 from the renovations after project costs which was a welcomed cushion allowing them to dive into the next chapter of life.

Another memorable experience? Jason recalls a project with an agent-owner who was going through a divorce. She had a lovely house, but it had a few outdated bathrooms, and she hired Curbio to give them a much-needed face-lift. During demolition, Jason and his team found that the home had 80-year-old galvanized plumbing embedded in a mortar bed with a four-inch concrete floor. Without Curbio’s financing and expertise, making the necessary repairs may not have been an affordable fix.

Curbio replaced the floor and most of the plumbing. The house went under contract and closed shortly after listing so the agent-owner could successfully move on with her life without the stress of updating and selling a home. Jason has many more heartwarming stories of how Curbio improves the homes – and the lives – of the clients he’s served since beginning his career.

Nashville home after Curbio's home improvement services
Jason managed pre-listing improvements of this delightful Nashville-area home and helped its owners make $68,724 in profits from their sale!

What is a typical home improvement project like with Curbio?

In Jason’s experience, the most common projects are cosmetic and involve painting, flooring, and updates to kitchens and bathrooms. These basic updates are the most impactful improvements when it comes to appealing to buyers.

What’s unique about the Nashville real estate market?

Over 85 people move to the metro area per day. Jason discovered that much of the inventory in Nashville is outdated. However, buyers want move-in-ready homes. So, Jason sees that Curbio is a massive asset to the real estate and homeowner communities, helping maximize the equity of homeowners’ most significant investments.

Work with Curbio

Whether you’re a real estate agent or homeowner, we look forward to serving you and helping you succeed in realizing your home’s highest value with pre-listing improvements and achieve your personal and professional goals. If you’re thinking about selling, get in touch. Jason or another member of our nationwide team can help you affordably and expertly prepare your home for the marketplace!

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