When Did Real Estate Agents Become Project Managers Too?

Being a real estate agent is no easy job. At Curbio, we understand that your job involves a lot more than just selling houses. Especially as competition among agents gets tougher, the number of other duties that can fall under your belt has grown significantly. In the end, you may find yourself juggling a lot of responsibilities that you never signed up for.  

The Pains of Home Improvement Projects for Agents  

When you became a real estate agent, you likely didn’t think managing and overseeing home improvement projects would become part of your job. As move-in ready homes become more and more desirable, pre-sale updates are here to stay, and a lot of this added work could fall to you.  

Managing Contractors & Subcontractors  

One of the most time-consuming parts of home improvement projects is finding, vetting, and lining up contractors. All too often this can fall on the shoulders of agents and can take an enormous amount of work. It also means that if there are problems during the work, your clients could point fingers at you.  

Instead of adding this task to your to-do list, we have got you covered. We have a network of licensed, vetted, and insured contractors ready to go to get the project started quickly and off on the right foot.  

Guidance on Selection  

The point of making home updates before selling is to make the home market-ready and appeal to more buyers. Especially if your seller has an eclectic or outdated taste, they may struggle to know what buyer-friendly styles to choose or which projects to attack. As a result, you may have to hold their hand and walk them slowly through each step. This could mean spending hours poring over samples or going back and forth over which projects to do. 

To make this process easier for you and your seller, we have a carefully curated catalog of high-quality materials that are tailored to what today’s buyers are looking for in homes. This catalog includes materials with varying price points and popular design trends based on the market. Along with a curated selection of materials, we also have expertise in the market and can help you and your clients determine the best ROI home improvements for their home that will help it sell for more as well as faster.  

Getting Quotes 

After your client agrees to make pre-sale updates, the next step is getting quotes. Especially if the house needs a lot of work, you could spend hours communicating with various subcontractors trying to get accurate pricing.  

Instead of chasing down multiple quotes and sorting through them, our home improvement consultants will get back to you within 24 hours. After getting more information, we can provide a free estimate of project costs. We will also work with you and your clients to fine-tune the scope of work to come to a fixed price proposal that works best for them.  

Overseeing the Projects  

Often the biggest hassles for agents when it comes to pre-sale updates is managing and overseeing the projects. Even though it may not be a traditional part of your job description, you may be roped into various responsibilities involving work permits, materials, project timelines, walk-throughs, and final punch lists. All these tasks can quickly add hours of work to your schedule that you may not have originally accounted for.  

Rather than falling into this role, we have a dedicated project manager for each of our projects. This person will oversee all of the work and manage the details for you.  


From sending progress reports to coordinating schedules, home improvement projects involve a lot of communication. If you find yourself constantly going back and forth with the client and the contractor, you may feel more like a project coordinator than a real estate agent.  

Instead of acting as the facilitator, our project managers will also take care of this for you. Using our app, our team will send regular visual and text updates on progress that you can access from any device. You can also ask questions, make comments, and share feedback right in the app.  

Problems Solved with Curbio 

Instead of doing project management, you can rest easy. We are the agent’s contractor and provide a turnkey solution to pre-sale updates that can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. You no longer need to make time in your busy schedule to oversee and manage projects. Our team will take care of all the details for you. Starting with the initial proposal and ending with the final punch list, we will be there for you every step of the way.  

Trouble getting your clients on board? We can help with that too. Our unique pay-at-closing price model makes finding the funds for these projects no longer an issue for your clients. Try us out today with a free home improvement estimate. If you do more than one project with us in a year, you may also qualify for our Move More Real Estate program and walk away with some extra money in your pocket.

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