5 Things Agents Can Do Instead of Project Management: Buy Back Your Time

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Being a real estate agent is a lot more than showing houses. Especially to be successful in this competitive landscape, agents need to step up their game. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time for many agents. Responsibilities build up and time continues to slip away, but we are here to help take some things off of agents’ plates so they can spend their time elsewhere.  

No More Project Management

One unnecessary waste of time for many real estate agents is the management of home improvement projects. Pre-listing home improvements are important and can help homes sell faster, but all too often, the overseeing and management of these projects fall to the listing agent. As a result, real estate agents could spend hours looking for subcontractors, pulling permits, making site visits, or acting as a liaison between the general contractor and the seller. By the end of the project, these agents will have wasted hours of valuable time that they have put into other tasks to help their business. 

At Curbio, we want to help. As a turnkey concierge service, we take a lot of the weight of these pre-sale updates off the shoulders of listing real estate agents. Our home improvement consultants will manage the project from start to finish, so agents do not have to. We also use technology to create a streamlined approach to keep these projects on track. In fact, our projects are completed 50% faster than traditional general contractor work. 

What Agents Can Finally Do When They Buy Back Their Time 

With project management off their plates, agents can spend more time doing things that will help their business in the long run.

1. Sell Homes Faster

Without having to oversee all the home improvement projects, listing agents can focus on getting their listings off the market. With their extra time, they could host more open houses, reach out to their network, or plan how to make a home more market ready. All of these tasks could help them get their listings sold faster so they can get new business.  

2. Grow Their Business 

Although often neglected, growing their business is an important aspect of real estate agents’ jobs. Especially if they are newer to the industry and do not have a huge referral base yet, they need to spend time selling themselves. Rather than making site visits or getting subcontractors, agents can create email campaigns, build up their social media platforms, or look for beneficial partnerships. As a result, agents can grow and strengthen their business.

3. Win More Listings  

When they aren’t worried about their current listings, real estate agents can focus on winning new business. With such a low housing inventory, agents need to come prepared to listing appointments in order to walk away on top. When they have more time, agents can better prepare for these appointments such as doing more research, perfecting their slideshow, or personalizing their presentation to the homeowner. Our listing appointment checklist may also be able to help. 

4. Take on More Clients 

Rather than spending hours overseeing the progress of their current listings and their home improvement projects, agents may be able to take on more clients. Even just a few more clients a year could significantly boost their annual revenue. In the long run, having more clients can also help grow their referral base for future business.  

5. Continue Their Education & Training  

The real estate market is always changing, so as an agent, it is important to keep up. In order to stay on top of their game, agents should devote some of their time to educational resources and training. This work could include everything from conducting more market research to watching a video on how to market their business better online. This training can not only help agents with their current clients but also help them to grow their business.  

The real estate market is always changing and competition among agents continues to get tougher. In order to be a successful real estate agent in 2023 and beyond, agents need to make the most of their time and get rid of unnecessary tasks.  

At Curbio, we help real estate agents do just that with our turnkey concierge service that includes project management from start to finish. Whether you are an agent or a brokerage, taking project management out of the picture is a big win for your business. To learn more about becoming a partner, contact us today. You can also try our mobile home improvement app.  

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