Agents, Don’t Be the Ostrich. Be the Eagle.

By the end of May 2023, the National Association of Realtors® had 1,550,720 members.1 For real estate agents, this high number means a lot of competition. Especially as the market continues to change and the number of listings remains low, not every agent will have a stellar year in the industry. In order to be successful, you need to adapt, but not every agent is so willing. In the end, there are two types of agents— ostriches and eagles. Which one are you? 

Ostrich Agents  

ostrich agents

It is a common belief that when frightened, ostriches will stick their head in the sand in an attempt to hide from the danger. While this is actually a myth, these giant birds will flop to the ground and freeze when frightened.2 In the end, ostriches won’t fight or flee when scared. Instead, ostriches choose another option—freeze.  

You don’t want to be like the ostrich. In the real estate industry, ostrich agents: 

  • Have an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset 
  • Let the market control the narrative 
  • Do not know how to adapt when the market gets tough 

Instead, they stay where they are and continue doing what they have always done, even if it is no longer successful. Like the ostrich, they can’t see ahead or choose not to, so their progress becomes stalled. As a result, these agents will fail in 2023.  

Gone are the days of the red-hot pandemic real estate market where houses flew off the market in all cash offers and sales prices were through the metaphorical roof. Now listings sell for a little less, and only the ones that are modern and updated will get off the market in a hurry. In fact according to our recent survey, 77% of buyers said they would only consider a home that is move-in ready.3 If you are an ostrich agent who isn’t finding ways to appease these potential buyers, both you and your sellers will struggle.  

Eagle Agents 

eagle agents

Not only are eagles the national bird of the United States, but also they are a symbol for bravery and strength. They soar high above the trees and are known for their sharp eyesight that allows them to see far off into the distance. 

As a real estate agent, you want to be like the eagle. Eagle agents: 

  • Are solution-oriented  
  • Take control of the narrative and adapt to market changes  
  • Have a plan and the tools to get their clients top dollar for their home 

Agents who epitomize the characteristics of the eagle are more likely to win listings and find success in the real estate industry, especially when times get tough. The ability to see ahead can help these agents adapt as needed to market changes and foresee solutions to potential problems that ostrich agents just ignore.  

How to Be the Eagle Agent

In today’s market, the demand for move-in ready homes is high. While the demand is there, not all sellers are ready to dive into these pre-listing home improvement projects. In our recent survey, 90% of homeowners did not want to spend the time, money, and stress on updates when they were about to sell their homes anyway.1 While this kind of thought process makes sense, you see the problem here if you are an eagle agent. If buyers only want move-in ready homes, but sellers do not want to update their homes, these listings will just sit on the market. In the end, no one wins. Ostrich agents may ignore this issue, but as an eagle agent, you know you need to adapt and come to your clients with a solution.  

When you provide potential clients with more options, you are also more likely to win listings. In our survey, 72% of homeowners said they would choose an agent who came to a listing appointment with options or white-glove solutions. The ostrich agents who don’t will get left behind in the dust.  

At Curbio, we can help you be the eagle agent. Instead of staying where you are and getting passed over by other agents, you could be soaring above the competition. Our concierge service helps homeowners make pre-sale updates without having to pay anything upfront. Instead, all payment is deferred until closing so every client can make the updates they need to get their homes off the market at a higher price as well as quickly.  

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