16 Upgrades for the Perfect Modern Bedroom

A modern vibe in your bedroom will help your home sell. Upgrade bedrooms to make them more appealing and marketable before you list your home on the market. You’ll generate buzz amongst homebuyers and increase your property’s value. Get started with these top tips for designing and upgrading the perfect modern bedroom!

Our top 16 modern bedroom upgrade ideas

Upgrade your bedroom with modern design tips before you sell your home.

1. Declutter bedrooms for a modern, minimalist aesthetic

There’s nothing more distracting than viewing a home that has too many knick knacks and toiletries strewn throughout its livable spaces. The first thing to do when you’re prepping your bedroom to look its best before hitting the market is to clear out all of the extraneous items. From photos to exercise accessories, get rid of the items that make your rooms look smaller and harder to navigate. De-personalize your space by removing family photos so that potential buyers can see themselves living in your home!

2. Pay attention to your bedrooms’ flow and layout

Does your room have one too many chairs? What impedes your ability to walk around the space effortlessly? Open up the space with intentional layout that opens up your room and makes it look as spacious as possible.

3. Upgrade your bedroom furniture

Dressers and headboards from the 80’s won’t do you any favors when you’re trying to sell your home. Bring your rooms’ style into modern day with simple, contemporary pieces that make your home feel relevant and livable. Staging is a very powerful tactic in garnering interest and selling home listings, so let go of the past before you let viewers into your bedrooms.

4. Select gender-neutral details

Appeal to every home buyer who views your property; overly masculine or feminine bedroom touches may skew buyers’ perception of your home. Keep things classy, chic, and gender-neutral to attract as many people as possible to your listing.

5. Add task lighting over nightstands

Enhance your space with useful and beautiful task lighting. A perfectly placed glass pendant light enhances nightstand tables and makes the bedroom generally more cozy. Light layering is ideal in bedrooms; an updated overhead flush mount light or modern ceiling fan play well with softer, bedside task lighting.

6. Enhance closet organization

modern bedroom design updates sell homes successfully

Revamp your closets for more efficient storage and better organization. Can your closets benefit from added shelving? Don’t forget to address the main components, like the closet doors and other permanent fixtures.

7. Paint the bedroom walls a fresh, light hue

Freshly painted walls create a clean and smooth aesthetic; repair holes, trim, and baseboard before selecting a neutral hue that brightens and flatters bedrooms.

8. Refresh the bedroom flooring

Every home listing benefits from updated flooring. Carpet is an affordable and appropriate option for bedrooms, but if you’ve got hardwood, invest in refurbishing and sealing it to add significant value to your home. Brand new floors are desirable to all home buyers, so don’t miss this opportunity to make your home more appealing.

9. Upgrade with modern area rugs

Area rugs are lovely touches that bring color and dimension to bedrooms. Find one that compliments your color scheme and add personality to your home.

10. Flatter windows with airy curtains

Gauzy, flowing window curtains allow natural light to flow into your rooms. They add a finishing touch that softens and opens bedrooms, making them feel bigger and more inviting. Always choose light-colored curtains with simplified designs to give your bedrooms a livable, cozy, unstifled style.

11. Update the light switch and electrical outlet plates

Details matter, down to the switch plates! If yours are weathered and outdated, you’ll enhance your home’s value with budget-friendly upgrades. This is a quick, almost effortless enhancement you can make in bedrooms and every other room, including your bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and living rooms.

12. Give your bedroom an upgrade with low-maintenance house plants

Add an organic touch with a few well-placed house plants. They’ll add character and tastefully freshen up your bedrooms. Pick low-maintenance options well suited for the lighting in your rooms; that way, they’ll thrive in your space and create an optimal effect.

Upgrade your bedroom with modern design tips before you sell your home.

13. Play with soft furnishing colors and patterns

After you paint your walls a light, neutral color and dressing your windows with simple, airy curtains, add some interesting accent colors and designs. Your comforter, pillows, rugs, and other elements should be tasteful and modern, but feel free to introduce new shapes and palettes to make your bedroom interesting.

14. Add a modern bedroom sky light

If you’re remodeling areas of your home, consider adding skylights to bedrooms that don’t have ample natural lighting. Skylights make rooms more attractive and enjoyable, while maintaining their privacy.

15. Tie the look together with a commanding piece of artwork

One of the final touches to your revamped bedroom should be a simple yet striking piece of artwork, typically hung over the bed. Make sure the colors match the details of your soft furnishings and complement the overall style of your refreshed room!

16. Add a unique mirror

One of the best home staging hacks is to use mirrors strategically. They brighten rooms, make them appear more spacious, and literally place home viewers in your space. A simple mirror or one with an elegant modern flare will do the trick and upgrade your bedroom with a chic, lived-in touch.

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