10 Ways Curbio Is the Best Home Improvement Solution

Truthfully, pre-listing home improvements are stressful. Who should you hire? What should you repair or refresh? What is the timeline, and how much will it cost? Lately, there are companies springing up that offer concierge home improvement solutions. At face value, any company offering these services can help real estate agents and homeowners navigate pre-listing updates that translate to better profits. But is there anyone out there like Curbio?

Curbio is the leading home improvement solutions company

Curbio’s origins as a home improvement innovator

Curbio was founded in 2017 when CEO Rick Rudman had the unfortunate but all too common experience of arduous pre-listing home improvements before he and his family sold their home. The stressful process inspired him to innovate the way the home improvement industry works, so that homeowners and real estate agents spend less time, money, and energy before listing homes. Five years later, Curbio is an award-winning company with a streamlined, prop tech-driven process, turnkey services, and a revolutionary pay-at-closing model. We offer a complete, turnkey solution to pre-listing improvements like no one has before.

Why Curbio offers the best home improvement solution

So, how do we compare to other national general contracting services? Below are ten compelling reasons Curbio disrupts the status quo and leads in home improvement solutions.

1. Homeowners don’t pay a dime until they sell their homes

Now home updates are more accessible than ever. Curbio renovations begin quickly and are completed on time, but homeowners don’t make payments for our services until after their homes sell. This unique approach is exciting for so many Americans who thought it would be impossible to invest in needed repairs before listing homes for sale. Nearly everyone can afford our end-to-end home improvement and renovation services. Working with Curbio is stress-free, reliable, and affordable.

2. The licensed general contractors on Curbio projects are Curbio employees

It’s common for companies to appear to have full-time, self-employed team members leading projects. However, the truth is that the majority of companies outsource their general contractors and subcontractors. Our name and work are always on the line, and no one else’s. We’re proud to be a dependable partner to thousands of listing agents and homeowners across the country.

3. Curbio is in markets all over the country

Other companies are limited by region and don’t offer services in many states where homeowners live. We’re a young company, but we’ve scaled since starting out in 2017. We’d like to think it’s because we do things differently. We want homeowners and real estate agents to stress less and make more money. We’re on the same team as our listing agent, brokerage, and homeowner partners. We all succeed together!

4. Curbio takes on home improvement projects without cost or size restrictions

That’s not the case with other companies. Typically, homeowners must meet project minimums or maximums. However, we don’t impose restrictions on our suite of home improvement services. Curbio will complete strategic pre-listing updates no matter the size or cost of your renovation projects.

5. Our expertise and pre-sale strategy are unparalleled

If you want to consult with home renovation experts on the projects that yield the highest returns at sale, work with Curbio. We’ll meet you with expert guidance and solutions. Our home renovation consultants work with agents to determine the best pre-listing updates for maximum returns. Comparatively, the average general contractor tends to be motivated to increase project scopes – and final costs. Another way is possible. Curbio is dedicated to getting the best ROI, at the highest quality, in the fastest timeline.

6. We offer white labeling services to brokerage partners

Our partnership program is a massive asset to large brokerages nationwide that need dependable and knowledgeable home improvement partners. With Curbio, brokerages can make our program their own and offer a genuine concierge service that’s branded and seamlessly powered by us. However, you won’t find this level of collaboration or breadth of services with any other company.

7. Agents advance industry knowledge and freely access the resources in our marketing library

We offer a full suite of educational and resourceful materials. Why? Because our values shape the way we do business and we want our agent partners to win listings! Hence, we offer our partnering agents and brokerages free, customizable marketing toolkits, frequent professional development webinars, and personalized support. We’re unquestionably the best partner in growing your business.

8. We’re prop-tech first

Prop-tech is short for “property technology,” and real estate professionals often use the buzzword when they talk shop these days. Prop-tech is changing how people do business. At Curbio, we certainly embrace this culture of innovation. We know that technology can make our lives easier and more prosperous. As such, we’ve designed a tech-driven process for clear communications and effective project management of our pre-listing renovations.

9. Curbio is known for offering premier services

The pre-listing home improvement service we offer is a completely turnkey experience. The web platform and mobile app are integral to our communications and management. Agents save time and hassle when they choose Curbio to improve their clients’ homes because they never have to be onsite. Our dependable project managers ensure that real estate agents and homeowners always stay in the loop and oversee project details virtually. Curbio’s dedicated project leaders are just a text away!

10. People trust us

Over 800 national brokerage partners and 85,000 real estate agents across the country trust Curbio to better their homes and home values. We love earning our partners’ trust. At Curbio, we keep our promises, collaborate with you on a shared goal, and deliver innovative, streamlined solutions to pre-listing home improvements like never before.

Curbio is the leading home improvement solutions company

Partner with the best in home improvements

Curbio’s team is comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated home improvement professionals. We offer unparalleled solutions and turnkey services.

There’s a good reason we’ve grown as a tour-de-force, award-winning company that helps real estate agents and homeowners earn more money and sell homes faster than other concierge home improvement firms. Earn more, stress less, and build a partnership with the country’s most innovative home improvement specialists!

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