How To Provide Sellers With What They Want In A Realtor

Now, more than ever, homeowners are relying on Realtors® to help them navigate the complicated process of selling a home. While adjusting to the new norms of real estate during COVID-19 can be complicated, what sellers want in a Realtor remains constant. According to NAR’s 2020 Generational Trends report, the three things sellers most want from their agents are help with:

  1. Marketing the home to potential buyers
  2. Selling within a specific time frame
  3. Pricing the home competitively

This list seems like a tall order, but the truth is that you can knock out all of these requirements and get sellers to list with you by fully understanding the 4th item on the sellers’ wish list: helping the seller find ways to fix up their home to sell it for more.

Pre-Listing Updates Make Marketing to Buyers Easy 

Even before COVID-19, buyers of all age groups typically began their search process by looking at homes online and 65% participated in a virtual tour. More than half of homes purchased were originally found by the buyer online (52%). In other words, buyers are judging the condition of a home largely based on listing photos. They typically give it a yay or nay within 10 seconds. For a home to make it to a buyer’s short list, it must prove itself through great listing photos.

Getting sellers what they want in a realtor

Curbio recently partnered with Kleard, an award winning real estate tech company, to provide complimentary access to Kleard’s self–tour technology and the Kleard Now app. The partnership with Kleard enables Realtors® to safely market listings renovated by Curbio to prospective buyers while social distancing.  

Move-in Ready Homes Sell Faster

Sellers want to spend as little time on market as possible, but outdated properties tend to languish for weeks (or months) and often require price reductions. Renovated properties, on the other hand, sell at breakneck speed. Homes sold by Curbio were under contract within an average of 11 days in April.

Pre-Sale Renovations Increase Sale Price

Many sellers base their target sale price on Zillow’s Zestimate or what their neighbors’ home sold for, without considering the condition of their home compared to recent sales. Even minor updates, like painting and staging, can significantly impact the listing price—and eventual contract price—of a home. Case in point: Curbio’s $19,000 renovation increased the list price of this home by nearly $124,000.

To learn more about which pre-sale renovations will attract buyers and maximize sale price, watch our on-demand webinar.