6 Popular Updates To Sell Your San Antonio Home

If you’re getting ready to sell your San Antonio home, you’ll want to do everything possible to set it up for success in the current market. Competition is hot, and buyers (many of whom are millennials and young professionals) have a very specific checklist of what they’re looking for. San Antonio real estate is basically a rocket ship, with 70.2% appreciation in homes over the last decade!

This Texas gem is also in the top 20% nationwide for home value appreciation. That means property in San Antonio an incredibly safe and lucrative investment, and now is the time to find your plot of Riverwalk heaven. For San Antonio homeowners, maximizing your profit on your home sale might include making some pre-listing home improvements.

These are our top 6 pre-listing updates for San Antonio homes to help you sell faster and for more:

Manufactured stone veneer

Installing a manufactured stone veneer to give the exterior of your home a more modern look typically costs around $10,000. However, it offers an incredible return on your investment! In 2021, San Antonio homeowners who installed a manufactured stone veneer recouped 95% of the cost. That makes it a future-proofed option for buyers who are looking to live in a property long-term.

Ready to get started on your pre-listing updates? Homeowners who use Curbio pocket, on average, an extra $50,000. Get started now with a free same-day estimate. 

Interior and exterior paint

When it comes to selling your home in San Antonio, you’d be amazed at how a fresh coat of paint can make a difference. New exterior paint, for example, may help your home appear well-kept and set it apart from the others on the block. And a carefully selected color palette for the inside of your home’s interior can create a sense of warmth and make your home’s best features pop. 

No wonder fresh paint is one of the most simple, cost-effective updates you can make! On average, fresh paint makes sellers 1.4% more than list price! This can set you apart from the rest of San Antonio real estate. For more on the benefits of painting and what colors to choose, check out our guide for painting a home to sell.  


Outdoor living space upgrades

When the weather’s not too hot and humidity levels are comfortable, San Antonio residents love to spend time outdoors. So the more inviting your outdoor living spaces look, the better. 

Consider some landscaping improvements like:

  • Adding durable, low-maintenance plants to your yard
  • Staging a cozy seating area
  • Xeriscaping to cut water costs and optimize efficiency

Flooring refreshes

Think from the bottom up when it comes to selling your real estate for maximum profit. Yep, we mean the flooring. A stained, dingy-looking carpet is likely to be a deterrent for buyers. Look into replacing your carpet, because nothing will turn a potential buyer off faster than run-down floors. To find the right answer for you and your home — the answer that will help you attract more buyers, sell faster, and walk away with more profit — talk to your Realtor®.

Plus, when your Realtor® works with Curbio, we’ll front the cash for your flooring project (and any other pre-listing updates you decide on). You won’t pay a dime until your home sells! 

Kitchen updates

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and this is especially true in the south. Dysfunctional and outdated kitchens stand out, and not in a good way. Updating your kitchen with modern finishes might be the difference between selling at the top of the comps instead of the bottom! “Updating a kitchen” may sound daunting, but often, simple refreshes, rather than a full remodel, can do the trick. Common refresh options include:

  • Painting cabinets
  • Replacing countertops
  • Installing updated backsplash
  • Modernizing the hardware

Modern, luxurious bathrooms

Today’s buyers want bathrooms that go beyond the basics. The rise in demand for spa-like features and finishes has mirrored the rise of the self-care trend, which is particularly popular among millennials. Especially for dated bathrooms, reglazing tub and shower surrounds, swapping out old flooring, painting or replacing vanities, and installing modern hardware can go a long way. Bonus points if you can add a soaker tub!  

Every San Antonio home is different, so we work with you to determine the right updates to help you sell faster and for more. Once we determine which updates will best help you meet your home sale goals, we’ll:

  • Manage the project for you, including vetting contractors and ordering materials
  • Keep you updated with constant communication via the Curbio app
  • Wait until closing to be paid, enabling you to maximize your profit without upfront cash (with no interest or fees)

Curbio is a turnkey, end-to-end solution that handles everything for both the homeowner and the agent. Think of us as a General Contractor, Project Manager, and Assistant rolled into one. We research what sells in your area, use that data to update your house so it doesn’t just sell, it sells more than any house on your block. Chat with a Home Improvement Consultant today and see how Curbio can help you make your real estate move.