Top 7 Home Updates in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC’s booming financial hub and historic charm have contributed to it becoming the most populous city in North Carolina and the 16th most populous city in the US. The Charlotte metropolitan grew quickly between 2004-2015 and has received an influx of millennials. What attracted new residents to the Charlotte Metro Area? A warm climate, charm, history, and plenty of job and entertainment opportunities. 

Millennials make up 43% of home buyers, which is more than any other generation. So, how can Charlotte home sellers meet the demand of millennials who may have moved to the area years ago but are now primed to buy? Let’s explore some of the top pre-listing updates aimed at meeting buyer demand so you can sell faster and for more. 

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Repairs should be a priority for any home seller. This is because not tackling repairs can make your home look poorly maintained. Furthermore, skipping repairs could delay your sale due to a bad inspection report. 


Applying a fresh coat of paint helps create a blank slate in which home buyers can imagine their own belongings and their own lives unfolding—rather than seeing signs of the previous homeowners. Wear and tear on walls is completely normal but, nonetheless, it can be a deterrent for home buyers, especially for modern home buyers who seek move-in ready homes. Most real estate agents agree that painting to sell is key, and luckily, it’s a quick update.  


Curb Appeal Updates

Curb appeal is important anywhere, but it’s paramount in a metro area known for timeless architecture. In Charlotte, home sellers are competing against, not only new builds but also historic homes filled with charm. Key curb appeal updates include:

Consistent Flooring

Open living concepts have made waves across the US as one of the top design trends for years, and we see no signs of the trend declining in Charlotte. According to Redfin, two of the most valuable features in Charlotte homes include large living rooms and open concept living. Whether your home already has an open concept or not, one of the easiest ways to help create a good flow between spaces is by installing consistent flooring throughout. Hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are the two most popular options for living spaces due to their versatility.

Outdoor Staging

One of the reasons Charlotte is such a popular destination for tourists and residents alike is because of its warm, temperate climate. Charlotteans want to take advantage of almost year-round warmth, which means it matters how you stage outdoor living spaces. If necessary, you should repair or rip out messy landscaping and hardscaping. Otherwise, simply stage the backyard, deck, and porch with modern patio furniture and lighting to show the appeal. 

Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and this is especially true in the south. Dysfunctional and outdated kitchens stand out, and not in a good way. Updating your kitchen with modern finishes might be the difference between selling at the top of the comps instead of the bottom! Updating a kitchen may sound daunting, but often, simple refreshes, rather than a full remodel, can do the trick. Common refresh options include painting cabinets, replacing countertops, and installing a backsplash. 

Bathrooms Refreshes

Today’s buyers want bathrooms that go beyond the basics. The rise in demand for spa-like features and finishes has mirrored the rise of the self-care trend, which is particularly popular among millennials. Especially for dated bathrooms, reglazing tub and shower surrounds, swapping out old flooring, painting or replacing vanities, and installing modern hardware can go a long way. Bonus points if you can add a soaker tub!  

Every home is different, so we work with you to determine the right updates to help you sell faster and for more. Once we determine which updates will best help you meet your home sale goals, we’ll:

  • Manage the project for you, including vetting contractors and ordering materials
  • Keep you updated with constant communication via the Curbio app
  • Wait until closing to be paid, enabling you to maximize your profit without upfront cash (with no interest or fees)

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