Close Quickly, Win Bids: The Secret Weapon Successful Agents Use

How do successful agents constantly generate impressive listings and make quick closings look effortless? And how can you build a similar track record? The answer may just be a secret weapon – or a secret partnership with Curbio.

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Over 85,000 real estate agents are in partnership with Curbio. Our innovative services are giving brokerages and individuals the edge to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Here’s how real estate agents throughout the country are selling homes profitably and quickly. The good news is that this secret weapon is for everyone! Once you know about Curbio, you’ll close deals speedily and win top bids, too!

Curbio and digital curb appeal success

Digital curb appeal is undeniably important as its the first impression many modern buyers have. Homeowners and real estate agents who repair and update properties, stage them, and get professional photographs create excellent impressions with digital viewers.

But what happens if a homeowner can’t afford pre-listing home improvements or professional staging and photography? That’s where Curbio comes in. Our turnkey, award-winning solutions include a pay-at-closing model. This means that we’ll finance all of our pre-listing services upfront, and homeowners pay only once their homes sell (usually at a handsome profit shortly after going to market).

Curbio is the solution for every real estate agent and their clients because we’re accessible and hassle-free. Now, everyone can afford to enhance the digital curb appeal of their listings with professional staging and photography!

Marketing success: webinars, networking, and support

Successful agents start using Curbio for the award-winning, unparalleled services and stick around for the plethora of support available. It’s extremely important to us that we offer weekly webinars (and grant partner agents access to archived videos). Our resourceful collection of marketing tools is available for partners 24/7 and spans the likes of templates, 101s, and so much more. From our online resources to our incredible, streamlined communications and dedicated project managers, Curbio puts real estate agents first. We’re more than a pre-listing home improvements service – we’re partners to real estate agents and brokerages. And we plan to set our partners up for success and meet their needs by becoming their secret weapon!

The snowball effect: the mark of successful agents

Once real estate agents have a few successful projects with Curbio under their belts, the word-of-mouth referrals flow in and their businesses ramp up. We call this the “snowball effect,” and it amplifies the power of their secret weapon (a partnership with Curbio). Success tends to reverberate and spark more success. That was certainly the case for eXp agent Alicia Hill, who counts on Curbio to increase the values of her clients’ homes, no matter what condition they’re in. Her business depends on Curbio’s ability to quickly and strategically make the updates that matter most to homebuyers.

curbio makes real estate agents and brokerages more successful

Brokerages do more with Curbio

Across the country, large real estate brokerages like Lyon Real Estate are white-labeling Curbio’s services, so that their agents can seamlessly offer concierge home improvement solutions to their clients. We streamline success as the trusted partners to nationally-recognized companies, making homes more beautiful, sales more profitable, and agents more successful.

Their secret weapon is your secret weapon

Considering the real estate market challenges of 2022, now is a great time to activate the secret weapon of successful agents. Close quickly and win bids with Curbio. Learn more.

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