Agent Story: From 1980s Luxury to 2020 Move-In-Ready

Curbio worked with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty agent, Ria Dougherty, to get a high-end home in McLean, VA ready for market. See what Ria had to say about working with Curbio on the project!

“When I first heard about Curbio, I was just interested in learning more. I thought it was a great solution for a lot of homes being put on the market that aren’t really ready. A lot of sellers don’t want to or don’t have money to put into improvements. Curbio is an obvious solution for situations like these.”

Ria Dougherty

Background on the Project

We asked Ria about the property and the homeowners’ situation.

“The property was 35 years old and had not been updated at all. Initially, we wanted to find a buyer who had the vision to update it to fit their preferences, but because of the extensive updates it needed, buyers couldn’t see past the current state. Clients who are interested in high-end homes are generally more particular about what they’re looking for, and buyers coming through couldn’t get past the 1980s style gold leaf and plush, wall-to-wall carpeting.

We knew we needed to make updates, but since the home was part of an estate, they didn’t want to front the cost of renovations. Because of the situation, Curbio was a very appealing solution.”

Living Room – Before Updates
Entry – Before Updates

Ria’s Take on the Process

We asked Ria what she thought of the entire Curbio process.

“I loved the 3D video. It was great that you could do everything online—go into every room, discuss everything that needed to be done—I thought it made the process a lot easier and more efficient. Once we got the video done, we consulted with the Curbio team on what needed to be done to get the home sold quickly, and for the right price.

When it came to choosing materials, Curbio’s options were really nice. It was good to be able to choose materials and colors to make sure everything matched the quality of the home and the colors of the wood flooring and banisters.

My experience with Curbio was great from the start. Everyone worked well together, the process was efficient, and the communication was consistently strong. My clients and I are really happy with everything that was done. We love the way the house looked! There was always great communication with our project manager, so I wasn’t concerned about anything at any point.”

Living Room – After Updates
Entry – After Updates

Working with Curbio in the Future

We asked Ria about if and when she would work with Curbio in the future.

“It’s exciting to have Curbio as an option because I’ve worked with so many sellers who are either unable to do the work that needs to be done to be ready for the market or who aren’t willing to do it. I would mention Curbio in all of my listing presentations in which the properties need any updating to be ready for the market.

If there’s a listing for which the sellers could benefit from using Curbio, I’d suggest bringing up Curbio right away so that you can get the work done, put the house on the market, and sell it quicker.”

I’d definitely recommend that all agents take a look at Curbio. If you have sellers who need to get a house ready for the market and are hesitant to take on the necessary updates to get it ready to sell quickly, then it’s a great value.

Ria Dougherty
TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

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