5 Trendy Updates To Make To Your Austin Home

The Austin housing market is… hot

Home upgrade ideas for Austin homeowners

If you’re a homeowner considering a home remodeling project in Austin –whether you’re putting your home on the market or just enhancing your living space– now is a great time to do it! Austin is no longer one of the best-kept secrets in Texas – the secret is officially out. With an average of 150 people moving to this eclectic, friendly, and vibrant capital daily, it is one of the top destinations for livability and culture.

In 2021, Austin was ranked the #1 hottest housing market in the U.S. –and things don’t appear to be slowing down. With an unbelievable tech scene, it continues to attract millennials and young professionals. Although the city is growing and the home values continue to spike, it’s still one of the more affordable metropolises to live in, so the time to buy (or sell) is now!

Want to maximize profit? Here are 5 ways to add value to your home in Austin

Install solar panels to add value to your Austin home.

#1 Install solar roofs

The hot summers in Austin are the stuff of legend, and now they’re a source of energy for your home. As recently as a few years ago, solar roofs were a ‘nice to have’ feature that you saw sporadically at open houses. Now, it’s increasingly important, especially in the Texas heat. Buyers increasingly demand eco-friendly homes, and solar roofs are a great place to start. LED lighting, smart thermostats, and electric (not gas) appliances can also increase efficiency in your Austin home.

#2 Build two-for-one kitchens

Two-for-one kitchens, also known as open kitchens, are incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are typically seen as an ample space that contains both a kitchen and a dining room or breakfast nook, separated by a low island, so there is still visibility and flow. Newer builds include this feature, and older homes in Austin are undergoing home remodeling projects to have updated kitchens.

Open the kitchen in your Austin home

#3 Upgrade your Austin home with pet-friendly features

Austin is a dog-friendly destination, with many bars, restaurants, and cafés, including areas for pups. With the greenbelt in your backyard and excellent hiking trails nearby in the hill country, it’s a great place to co-exist with man’s best friend. Why should your home be any different? If you’re planning an Austin home remodeling project, keep your four-legged friends top of mind. Pet-conscious home features like fenced-in backyards, doggie doors, and mudrooms are great ways to attract more Austin buyers and their furry companions.

Add indoor-outdoor spaces to your Austin home

#4 Upgrade your property with flexible spaces

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the ‘WFH revolution’ that happened due to the pandemic, but even if you returned to the office, the pandemic changed how we view our space at home. People now prioritize flex spaces that can accommodate a home office, gym, a hobby room – or perhaps all 3. Showcasing your home’s adaptability is a great way to allow prospective buyers to imagine their life in your home.

#5 Create an airy indoor-outdoor flow

How a space flows is one of the most important impressions your home can make on a buyer. Bad or limited, flow can be why someone talks themselves out of making an offer. While a great flow can be the reason, you instigate a bidding war. One of the best ways to ensure your home flows smoothly is to incorporate the outdoors inside. With an increased focus on plants and light, we are now looking for homes that embrace nature: skylights, large windows or windowed doors, and landscape design are all high on buyers’ lists.

Planning a home remodel in Austin?

So, if you’re interested in renovating your home in Austin, pull from these ideas to increase the profit in your pocket after a home sale! If spending money on extensive home improvement projects doesn’t sound as fun as listening to some Austin live music – kick your project to Curbio. With no money due until you sell, Curbio takes care of everything, finishing projects 50% faster than the national average and putting an average of $80,000 additional profit in the homeowner’s pocket. (Yep, you read that right.) You’ll need the extra change for tacos and margaritas. Get started with Curbio today!