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Nancy Boyk Atlanta Communities

A real estate agent with Atlanta Communities, Nancy Boyk has been working in the metro Atlanta area and the surrounding suburbs for over six years. Before getting into real estate, Nancy owned and managed a salon in Roswell for 25 years. It was after she sold her salon that she decided to get into real estate like her father and uncle.  

Taking what she knows from running the salon, Nancy is dedicated to providing her clients with excellent service. She explains, “I just really like to try to go overboard with customer service for my clients.” Especially after working with Zillow for a few months when she first got started, Nancy found that she wasn’t able to give her clients enough attention. Now she is making sure her clients are getting the attention they deserve.

This top-notch customer service is working too. In 2021 and 2022, Nancy received Top Producers awards from the Atlanta Real Estate Association. She also has over $15 million in home sales and continues to make her clients happy.

Adapting to Change  

Being in the industry for the last few years, Nancy has seen how the market can change. As a result, she knows what it takes to be a successful real estate agent who lasts.  

“Last spring it was a crazy market. Everything was going well over asking prices,” Nancy explains. For sellers, this was great news as they were fielding multiple offers and had to do little to prepare their homes to sell. Unfortunately for them, this fiery hot market couldn’t last. In the late summer to the fall of last year, the market started to slow down. Nancy noticed that sellers were not getting as many offers, and houses were slower to sell.  

While the heat may have turned up a bit this spring, not all houses are selling in a hurry. Nancy explains, “I’m seeing multiple offers again. When the house goes on the market, you’ve got to get in there- unless the house needs some work.” 

As a former salon owner turned real estate agent, Nancy knows better than most that looks are important. “There are so many times where you try to talk to a client and say, ‘If we could just fix this up, it makes such a big difference.’ But, everybody says they don’t have the money or something.” With fixer-uppers sitting on the market and 77% of buyers wanting move-in ready homes, Nancy had to find a solution.  

Updates vs. iBuyers

For one of her recent listings, Nancy noted immediately that the house needed some work. She describes her seller explaining, “She was recently divorced, she has two teenage boys, she has a full-time job, and she travels. And I was like, ‘Okay, we need to get this house together.’ There was no way we could have listed it without doing some work.” While Nancy had the right idea, getting a homeowner to do pre-listing updates is sometimes easier said than done, and they may be looking for an alternative.  

Along with providing her clients with top-notch customer service, Nancy also likes to give her clients options. “I’m always looking at the different angles of what to do, and the different tools we can use nowadays to help people get the most money for their house.” 

She presented both iBuyers and Curbio to her client, but the choice was clear. “When I talked to her, I said, ‘Well, we could do this Curbio. We could get it fixed up. They’ll do it all. We don’t pay until close, and then I really think you’ll get more, way more, than what any of those iBuyers were trying to offer.’ So, once I said that she was like, ‘Okay, let’s do it!’” In the end, the first person that came in for a showing bought the house. 

Why They Chose Curbio 

For many homeowners, money can be a barrier to getting a house market-ready, but Curbio can help. Instead of having to come up with the money upfront to cover project costs, payment isn’t due until closing. Nancy explains, “It was really seamless to close. The right amount of money was just taken at the closing table, so we didn’t have to come out of pocket for anything.” 

Not only was payment easy, but speed was also a plus. Some homeowners worry about timing. Nancy works with her clients to get the house listed at the right time on the market, so in some cases, this can be a tight deadline. Fortunately, Curbio projects are completed 50% faster than typical general contractor work. “My favorite part was how fast they did it… They quoted the job, and we were able to make adjustments to fit her budget. Then they completed the job right on time.”  

Another aspect Nancy liked about working with Curbio was communication. The project portal made it easy for everyone involved. It also helped take some of the work off Nancy’s plate. “I know if I would have told her we’ve got to get the paint, we’ve got to do this, and we’ve got to do that, I would have been the one scheduling it all because she [the homeowner] travels so much. So, that was just a huge help to have a GC really take care of it all and get it done in record time.” 

Along with ensuring the process went smoothly, Curbio can help Nancy build more referrals. “Referrals are my favorite!” She exclaims. And, a house that sells quickly and for top dollar is sure to get a good review.  

If you want to be like Nancy and rake in those referrals, we want to help. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us.   

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