Lynda Anello Helps Senior Sellers Get More Money Back

Lynda Anello

Lynda Anello is a real estate agent with eXp Realty who works in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.  Before entering the real estate industry, Lynda Anello worked for 13 years in hospice doing recruiting, marketing, and outreach to educate patients and their families. When she switched careers, Lynda Anello followed in her mother’s footsteps who had worked in real estate for 17 years.  

Lynda Anello has a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation and often works with seniors who are either downsizing or moving into nursing care. While a great fit considering her background, it comes with its own set of particular challenges.  

Senior Sellers’ Woes 

Because she often works with seniors, several of Lynda Anello’s clients have lived in the same home for many years without making any updates. When it comes time to sell, this can leave their homes looking outdated, out of style, and sometimes even a bit rundown. Many seniors are also resistant to making home updates before selling because at this point in their lives, it may not seem worth the hassle.  

Unfortunately, not doing this work can have seniors leaving a lot of money on the table. For real estate agents like Lynda Anello, this makes getting a house sold quickly and for a good price difficult, especially in today’s current market. Lynda Anello explains, “We are in a seller’s market still, but it depends on how good the house is. So if it’s move-in ready and especially if it’s in a good location, then it’s still very competitive.” But if the house isn’t move-in ready, it will often get overlooked. Fortunately, Lynda Anello can use Curbio as a solution.  

From Unwanted to Multiple Offers 

In a recent sale, Lynda Anello worked with a senior homeowner who was selling the house she had lived in for a large part of her life. Because the house was dated, the seller was already throwing in the towel on getting a good price. Lynda Anello said, “She told her daughter that nobody’s going to want her little house.” 

While the homeowner may have been right about the home in its current state, she didn’t know that a few basic updates could drastically change the outcome. Especially since the home sat on a busy street, Lynda Anello knew that something needed to be done to help get it off the market. “The street is going against us, so we need to make up for that by how the house looks on the inside. So, that’s one of the reasons why I strongly recommended the upgrades to the house to overcome the busyness of the street, and it paid off.” 

After some flooring updates, new coats of paint, and decluttering, the home went from unwanted to getting multiple offers over the asking price after just a few days on the market. Because of this demand, the mother and daughter asked for buyer letters so they could choose someone who would make their house a home, rather than an investor. Lynda Anello believes, “There’s a lot of memories of growing up in that house and raising a family in that house, so that house was important to them. So, to see it restored and to see it go to a new family who’s going to love it was really meaningful to them.”  

Not only did Lynda Anello get the house sold quickly and for more money, but also by partnering with Curbio, she was able to take some of the weight off the shoulders of the seller’s daughter. With the seller moving into nursing care, the responsibility of getting the house ready for the market fell to the daughter. The daughter lived farther away and worked a full-time job, so cleaning out her childhood home was a bit of an inconvenience. “I think she felt very stressed about having to tackle that by herself,” Lynda Anello explained. “So, when I told her, you can just take care of getting out the things that you want for you and your family, and then Curbio will take care of it from there, that was a big relief for her.” 

Growing Her Own Business  

Like any real estate agent, Lynda Anello knows that looks matter, and Curbio can help you transform the look of a home. “It’s really nice when a professional photographer can take photos of a house that’s clean and uncluttered and looks good…if we would have had pictures taken of the original house, you know with all the clutter and the old dirty carpets, it would not have sold for as much, and it would not have sold so quickly.” 

Along with getting the house sold quickly and for more money, Curbio can also help agents get more offers. “Having multiple offers is really wonderful because then you can negotiate things like appraisal gaps and inspections,” Lynda Anello explains. This negotiating power can help agents make their clients even happier. As a result, these clients can become referrals for life for Lynda Anello.  

If you are ready to start building up your happy referral base, we want to help. As a pay-at-closing concierge service, we take upfront costs out of the equation for sellers and streamline the home improvement process for agents. The result is a win-win situation. Contact us today to learn more or get started with our mobile home improvement app.  

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