How to Increase Home Value in Tucson

The real estate market is a fickle thing. It depends on several factors like the number of homes on the market, the economy, interest rates, buyers, and location. Every market is slightly different and where the house is located can play a big role in how it is perceived by buyers.  

Right now, house prices are a little higher and homes are sitting on the market a little longer in Tucson compared to last year.1 For sellers, this may mean making a few updates to increase home value in Tucson and get your house off the market sooner.  

The Best Home Improvements to Increase Home Value in Tucson 

Over three thirds of home buyers won’t even consider buying a home that isn’t move-in ready.2 If a house is about to go on the market, then it needs to make this cut or the homeowner won’t get as much money back as they could. Our team is sharing a few projects that can increase home value in Tucson and appeal to more buyers.  

Energy-Efficient Features  

install solar panels to add value to your Austin home

With extreme weather often comes some high energy bills, and no one likes to shovel out a ton of money just to live comfortably in an unforgiving climate. To ease the pain and add value to a Tucson home, consider some energy-efficient house features. Newer HVAC systems, gray water recycling systems, better insulation, and solar panels may all be good investments for Tucson’s climate.  

Appropriate Landscaping 

In the Old Pueblo, the weather can be harsh, and many lawns struggle to grow. To help increase home value in Tucson and help the home stand out against the many others with patchy and dead grass, focus on landscaping that makes sense for the climate. Instead of fighting mother nature, get creative. Use native Arizona plants or perennials that will be able to survive the harsh climate. Other landscaping features like statues or rock gardens can also increase curb appeal and give the home a fresh look.  

Updated Garage Doors 

Especially if you are looking to increase home value before selling in Tucson, replacing the garage door is likely a good investment. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value report, the home improvement project in Tucson with the highest percentage of cost recouped for homeowners was a garage door replacement at 94.2%.3  

New Windows

Another way to increase a Tucson home’s value, may be to replace old windows. Homeowners who replaced vinyl windows recouped 72.3% of the cost of installation. Similarly, those who replaced wood windows recouped 71.2% of the cost. Both of these projects had some of the highest percentage of cost recouped for those in Tucson in 2022.3  


Depending on the market, pools add value to homes. Because Arizona can be incredibly hot and dry, a pool can be an enticing feature for homebuyers. Especially if a lot of houses in the neighborhood already have one, a pool may increase the value of a Tucson home. Bonus points if there is a shaded outdoor living space as another way to help residents beat the heat.  

Modern Kitchen  

Curbio kitchen refresh

In our recent survey, we found that 7 out of 10 buyers said they would buy a home if it had a gorgeous kitchen.2 So when in doubt, an updated kitchen is a good choice for the next home improvement project. You do not need to tear out everything and start from scratch either. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, updated hardware, and new lighting can make all the difference.  

While all of these projects may help increase home value in Tucson, every house is different, and market conditions can even vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. The most profitable home improvements for one Tucson home may be different from those for a house on the other side of the city. Especially if you are looking to sell soon, it is important to look at the cost and the resale value before taking on any major projects.  

If you are a homeowner, talk to your real estate agent about potential updates as well as partnering with us. At Curbio, we have general contractors in Tucson that specialize in smart and profit-driven pre-sale updates so that you get the greatest return on your home when you go to sell. The best part is you do not need to spend a dime until closing. If you are an agent, get started with a free home improvement estimate.


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