5 Ways to Increase Home Value in Houston & Sell for More

If you are thinking about selling your home soon, you want to do what you can to boost your asking price and get more money back when it is all said and done. More recently, home value in Houston has been steady, but home sales have been decreasing over the last year.1 If you want to get your home off the Houston housing market for a good price in this competitive landscape, you need to think about appealing to the buyer. Making some select updates could not only help your home sell but also boost your property value.  

The Best Improvements to Increase Home Value in Houston 

Instead of listing your house as is and taking what you can get for it, a couple of home improvements before selling could go a long way. The following updates can increase home value in Houston while also getting buyers to make an offer. As a result, you are able to sell your home faster and close the deal with more money back in your pocket.  

1. Refresh the Exterior  

With nice weather most of the year, the exterior of your home is an important selling point. A relatively easy way to increase home value before selling in Houston is to revitalize this space. These updates can be as simple as power washing pathways, trimming shrubs, staining the deck, or planting a few perennials. If your home could use more than just some touch-ups, consider painting the siding or repairing the roof. Not only will these updates increase curb appeal, but also landscaping maintenance alone has a return on investment rate of about 100%.2  

2. Replace the Garage Door  

As part of your exterior refresh, one of the best updates to increase home value in Houston is to replace the garage door. According to the 2022 Cost vs Value Report, this update has a $3,706 resale value, and sellers can recoup 90.1% of the cost. This project also had the highest rate of return in Houston for home updates that year.3

3. Update the Kitchen  

Another promising way to add value to a Houston home when selling is to update the kitchen. Most buyers are looking for a modern kitchen that not only looks good but is also efficient. Old appliances, dingy countertops, and outdated backsplash just won’t cut it in a competitive market. A midrange kitchen remodel before selling had a return on investment rate of 55.1% in Houston in 2022. This equated to a resale value of $42,623.3   

4. Add Some Fresh Paint  

Before you put your home on the market, the least you should do is paint it. While bigger projects can be intimidating, this basic home improvement before selling tends to be an easier project with a large payoff. In a recent survey, 48% of Realtors® said they recommend painting the entire interior of a home before selling.4 Especially if your home has chipping paint or is adorned in bright colors, a new coat of paint may be a necessity. Stick to neutral colors that allow potential buyers to see the space as a blank canvas.  

5. Repair or Update the HVAC System  

In general, making home repairs before selling is a good way to appeal to buyers and increase your home’s value in Houston, but HVAC repairs can be imperative. Especially during those hot Houston summers, no homeowner wants to be caught without working air conditioning. Have a professional inspect the HVAC system and do any necessary maintenance before listing your property. An updated system or one that was recently tended to can help put buyers’ minds at ease. On the other hand, a dated or neglected system may give them pause or even turn them away.  

While there are several ways to increase home value in Houston, you want to make sure you do the right updates that will get you the most bang for your buck. At Curbio, we help homeowners sell their homes faster and for more money with pre-sale updates. Because we understand this process can be intimidating, we handle everything to make it easy and painless. There is also no money down until closing, so financing these projects is not an issue. If you are ready to get started or want to learn more, contact us today or talk to your real estate agent about partnering with us.  


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