How to Increase Your Brokerage’s Bottom Line with Curbio

Real estate transactions involve a lot of moving parts. Brokerages are at the helm of captaining these transactions, but there is so much more to being a successful broker than facilitating a real estate sale. Especially as the real estate industry becomes more and more competitive, you need to focus on how to increase your real estate brokerage’s bottom line and outperform your competition.  

The Best Ways to Grow Your Brokerage’s Bottom Line 

Building a successful real estate brokerage means continuing to grow your business and your profit. If you want to increase your brokerage’s bottom line, you need to be able to appeal to agents and homeowners to beat out your competition. At Curbio, we may be able to help. 

Draw in More Agents & Retain Them 

A brokerage firm is only as good as its agents. When there is a lot of turnover, you will find it harder to find solid ground, let alone grow your brokerage’s bottom line. Instead of struggling to stay afloat, you need to have something that will not only have agents sticking around but also draw them in.  

Beyond just facilitating real estate transactions, brokerage firms can do a lot to increase agents’ success and are expected more and more to do so. The brokerage firms that provide various resources that can help agents turn a higher profit are the most desirable. Make sure you offer educational materials, marketing resources, access to helpful technology, concierge services, and fair rates to get the best real estate agents to the door. These benefits will have a big payoff in the long run as you will be able to attract and retain top talent.  

Boost Agent Referrals  

Happy and satisfied homeowners make for more referrals, and more agent referrals mean more sales for your agents and better business for your brokerage. If you want to grow your brokerage’s bottom line, give your agents something their clients can smile about. 

Most homeowners are looking to sell their homes quickly without having to sacrifice price. Renovating or refreshing a home before selling is one way to significantly boost the resale value and keep it from sitting on the market. When agents are able to get homes sold for more money as well as in a fast amount of time, homeowners are thrilled and can become a referral source for life.  

Help Agents Win More Listings  

real estate agent wins listing to increase brokerage's bottom line

Agents who win more listings are better for your business, but with such a low housing inventory, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. In order to grow your brokerage’s bottom line, you need your agents to be able to stand out against other real estate agents and rake in those listings.  

In a survey of recent home sellers, we found that 72% chose agents who came to listing presentations with options and white-glove solutions. 77% of home sellers also said they would choose an agent who offered a pay-at-closing solution for home improvements. Brokerages that are not offering these solutions, such as concierge services or various industry partnerships, are likely to lose business to competitors who do. Over time, this can drastically cut into your brokerage firm’s bottom line.   

At Curbio, we partner with brokerage firms so they can provide turnkey concierge services without any costs upfront for homeowners. Whether white-labeled or not, our services give your agents a unique selling point to get homeowners on board.   

Streamline the Home Improvement Process 

According to our survey, 77% of buyers want move-in ready homes, but pre-listing home improvement projects can be a logistical nightmare for agents. Your agents are likely juggling a thousand different balls at once. If you want to increase your brokerage’s bottom line, you need to take some balls off their hands instead of throwing them more.  

A turnkey concierge service that manages the entire home improvement project for them can do just that. At Curbio, we offer full project management, so your agents do not have to. Our technology-powered and streamlined process also makes our project completion time 50% faster than typical general contractor work.  

Without having to line up general contractors, make site visits, or oversee the project, your agents will have more time to focus on doing their actual job as well as growing their business. Their productivity will increase, they will also be able to take on more listings, and ultimately, the bottom line of your brokerage will reap the rewards.  

Get Top-Line Growth with Curbio

In short, successful agents make for more successful brokerage firms. So, now that you know how to increase your brokerage’s bottom line, it is time to execute. Our concierge services can help you attract top talent, win listings, increase your agents’ client base, and streamline home improvement projects. To become a partner, contact us today.  

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