How to Help Sellers with Home Inspections: An Agent’s Guide

Home inspections are often an integral part of the home-selling process, but they can be overwhelming and stressful for your homeowners. The long list of repairs that come out of them can seem like too much to handle. Many homeowners can get confused about the next steps as well. Sometimes home inspection contingency can also cause deals to fall through. Especially if you are working with inexperienced sellers, the entire home inspection process can be a nightmare for them. Fortunately, you are there to help them navigate this process and make it a little easier.

How to Help Sellers with a Home Inspection  

According to our 2022 survey, 22% of sellers said that going through inspections was their biggest pain point during the home-selling process. While they can be tricky, home inspections do not always have to be a major headache for your sellers. A little preparation and some education can go a long way in making the inspection repair process easier and less stressful for your clients. So, help your sellers with home inspections with these tips.  

Start by Explaining the Inspection Process  

Home inspections can be confusing for sellers because they are not sure what to expect or what will come of them. Especially if they have never sold a home before, the home inspection can seem daunting. To help ease their minds, make sure you thoroughly explain the inspection process, what the inspector will look at, possible outcomes and next steps, and the related timelines. Having all of this information upfront can help your clients feel more prepared and ready to tackle what is to come.  

Suggest Repairs Ahead of Time  

One of the best ways to help sellers prepare for home inspections is to get them to make changes before the inspection takes place. If you know something will be an issue and get flagged during the inspection, it may be better to suggest your sellers make these home repairs before selling. Not only could this preemptive approach help prevent unnecessary delays in the home-selling process, but also it may attract more buyers or even increase the resale price of the home.  

making home repairs

Make the Report Easier to Read 

While you may have seen hundreds of home inspection reports in your real estate career, this report could be your seller’s first. The muddled mess of issues from the inspector can be hard to decipher, but you can make it easier for your clients. Help your sellers read a home inspection report with our help. In less than 24 hours, we will convert a complicated inspection report into one that is easy to dissect and understand. This transformation can make the next steps less intimidating for homeowners as well. 

Get Them Fast Quotes  

Having a long list of needed fixes can leave homeowners feeling paralyzed about what to do next. Help your sellers understand the home inspection report and the next steps by getting them quotes for the work. The faster you can get these quotes, the better as this can help speed up the entire process as well. Fortunately, we can provide fast and reliable quotes that also prioritize the list of fixes, so your homeowners know where to start and just how much these projects will cost.  

Simplify the Repair Process

The last thing you want is for the deal to fall through because of a bad home inspection, especially if it could have been avoided. Understandably, homeowners may be hesitant to throw a lot of money into repairs if they are about to sell anyway. Help your sellers with the home inspection process by providing an easy solution to get them over this hurdle. At Curbio, we can help execute needed repairs with zero money due until closing. As a result, your homeowners do not have to worry about getting the money together upfront to make these repairs, and the deal can move forward as planned.  

The home inspection process can be stressful and overwhelming for your homeowners. There is a lot going on, and they may be unsure of the next steps. To help your sellers with home inspections, we are here. Our home inspection repair tool provides you and your clients with a report that includes quotes for the work, and it is easy to understand. At Curbio, we can also do the work for you with no money down until the deal closes so that upfront costs do not keep a deal from going through. Not a partner agent yet? Contact us today to learn more.  

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