Does a Garden Increase Property Value? The Pros & Cons of Home Gardens

Gardens can be a beautiful addition to a home and serve many purposes. They can be filled with bunches of flowers or rows of vegetables. They can also be a place to get your hands dirty or find your Zen. While they have many purposes and benefits, do gardens increase a home’s value? The answer is up for debate.  

Does a Garden Increase Property Value? 

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as to whether or not a garden increases property value. In a 2022 report, landscape maintenance and overall landscape upgrades both resulted in at least 100% cost recovery for homeowners. This work included planting perennials or annuals, but it also involved mulching, mowing the lawn, and pruning shrubs.1   

While good landscaping increases curb appeal and boosts home value, gardens specifically can give some people pause. Some reports and Realtors® claim that the majority of buyers will stray away from elaborate gardens. They fear that they will be too hard to maintain, too time consuming, or too costly and would prefer to move into a home with a garden that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. 

Factors That Affect A Garden’s Property Value 

While often aesthetically pleasing, the property value of a garden will be dependent on several different factors.  

Type of Garden 

If you are looking for an elaborate flower or vegetable garden to increase property value, you may be out of luck. While beautiful or practical, these types of gardens may need a lot of maintenance, and not everyone wants to take on such a time commitment. In contrast, succulent gardens or Zen gardens tend to still be aesthetically pleasing but easier to maintain and may be seen as a positive by potential buyers. In a 2018 report, 13% of Realtors® recommended adding a statement landscape feature such as a serenity garden before selling.3 

Size of the Garden 

The size of the garden is also an important factor that can affect property value. Bigger gardens often require more upkeep and may be seen as a substantial burden for potential buyers. Smaller gardens tend to be more manageable. On the other hand, there may be some cases where a big garden increases property value, at least in the eyes of the buyer, because it presents an opportunity for development.  



Another important factor that can impact the value of a home garden is the local market. There may be a higher demand for gardens in climates where vegetation grows easily. In markets where the climate is less conducive to plant growth, a garden could be seen as too much work.  


One of the biggest factors that will determine if a garden increases the value of your home is the buyer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While a garden will not appeal to all buyers, there is a niche audience who will appreciate it. If you are looking to sell, talk to your real estate agent about how they plan to market your garden and reach the right audience.  

Tips to Increase Property Value  

If you already have a garden on your property, do not go digging it up and destroying it. While not every buyer will be interested in a garden, there are those who will like it. Make sure it looks its best for them. A neglected garden can also be an eyesore, so spend time weeding, mulching, or pruning as needed before buyers come to look at the property. 

Maintenance is a big issue for many buyers. If possible, you may want to replace high-maintenance plants with low-maintenance ones to keep buyers from turning away for fear of not being able to keep the garden alive. Perennials can be a good choice, but talk to your local gardening store about the best low-maintenance plants for your area.  

Much like the rooms in your home, you want your garden to show buyers that it has the potential to be anything they want it to be. Excessive lawn decorations or accessories can be equivalent to house clutter or personal trinkets and may be a turnoff for some buyers. Put these unnecessary items away and allow the buyer’s imagination to fill in any gaps.   

If you were thinking of planting a garden to increase property value, you may want to reconsider. You should update the exterior of your home before selling to increase its value, but adding a garden is likely not the best choice. From basic landscaping to painting the siding, there are other effective ways to boost your curb appeal and attract potential buyers.  

When it comes time to sell, you want to make sure you are getting the most money back at the closing table. At Curbio, we help people determine the best home updates before selling to increase their home value as well as get their home off the market faster. Talk to your real estate agent about partnering with us or contact us for more information.  


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