Earn Sellers a Profit of $80,000+ Without Lifting a Finger

Ready to earn your sellers an incredible profit on their home sales? Curbio is a turnkey, national home improvement company. We partner exclusively with real estate agents to manage and execute the renovations needed before you list properties on the market. 

Earn sellers a profit with Curbio's end-to-end home improvements.

We help agents like you get your sellers the very most for their property – often to the tune of $80,000 or greater – and we do it quickly. Using the best streamlined technology, our dedicated project managers are responsive and detail-oriented, so you don’t have to be. Pre-listing renovations have never been more straightforward, affordable, or lucrative!

Your clients are always the right financial fit because we don’t require payment on projects until after homes sell. We negotiate a fixed project fee without interest or hidden costs before work begins. No project is too big or small.

Avoid the stress, not the profit

When a property is out of date or needs repairs, it attracts lowball offers and sits on the market for weeks or months. Rather than failing to capture the interest of potential buyers or selling cheaply, let Curbio help. We renovate homes to appeal to buyers, increase sale prices, and maximize profits.

It’s easy and painless for agents and homeowners to renovate homes with Curbio. With professional consultations and a dedicated project manager overseeing the entire home improvement process, we’ll help you prioritize strategic repairs and design choices. We also make life easier for busy real estate agents. With Curbio’s award-winning, stress-free service, your listings increase in value before they hit the market.

Proving our worth – and your sellers’ profits

Earn sellers a profit with Curbio's end-to-end home improvements.

Over 85,000 real estate agents nationwide already use our end-to-end pre-listing services, and there are even more success stories. Here’s a sampling of some of the recent success stories that illustrate the earning potential of partnering with Curbio:

  • An Austin-area home scored its sellers over $96,000 in profit after Curbio worked its pre-listing magic.
  • We brought this 70s-era San Diego home into the present day with renovations that earned sellers an astounding $283,910 in profits!
  • This meticulous remodel of a Maryland home earned homeowners an additional $61,467 at sale and increased the property’s value by $119,000!
  • Our expert team remodeled an already remarkable Orlando home with improvements that added $620,032 to sellers’ profits.

From structural repairs to staging, Curbio earns your sellers more profits

Curbio will do whatever is necessary to make a home move-in ready before selling it. A well-maintained home typically requires a few repairs and touch-ups before it can be sold. Our services include simple repairs and touch-ups like repainting, updating hardware, and deep cleaning. If properties require more extensive work, we also tackle more significant renovations. We’ll take on kitchen and bathroom remodels as well as basement conversions and roof replacements. We’re pros at exterior projects like enhancing curb appeal and landscaping or adding an in-ground pool. We also handle basic listing prep and staging. Whatever your sellers need, our savvy, nationwide team can enhance any home and earn them more profits.

Work with Curbio to earn your sellers more – here’s how

Get listings market-ready for maximum profit without the hassle. We make it simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us about your clients’ homes. Every home improvement project starts with an estimate. Give us the details about your sellers’ properties for a free, same-day estimate on home improvements that will generate maximum profits.
  2. Sign now, pay later, and let us get to work! We’ll schedule a virtual walkthrough to finalize project details before getting a crew onsite. From there, the homeowner will sign a contract for the scope of work, with zero payment due until their home sells.
  3. Meet Your dedicated project manager. Once your sellers agree to the outlined work, your project manager will be in touch and remain in contact throughout the entire scope of home improvements. You won’t ever need to monitor progress and oversee the work. Simply check-in through Curbio’s app, where you can schedule meetings, view timelines, receive photo and video updates, and select project materials with your sellers. Our team will handle every detail, question, and concern –  saving you time and stress as we work to increase your clients’ home values.
  4. Sell quickly at the highest earning potential, and pay at closing. Now for the best part: we do the work professionally and efficiently so you can get homes on the market in record time. Watch your sellers’ listings generate incredible demand. Enjoy a successful home sale without the stress of financing or lowball offers. Curbio gets paid when homes sell with zero interest charges, hidden fees, or price reduction requirements.

Ready to transform your real estate business and increase profits without lifting a finger?

We love helping agents like you thrive and getting your clients sizable profits, regardless of your sellers’ finances or the state of their home. Ready to enlist an award-winning pre-listing home improvements partner? Say hello to your new dream team.

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