How is Curbio Different from a Typical General Contractor?

why Curbio beats other general contractors at pre-listing home improvements

When a real estate agent recommends a general contractor to their seller, they put their reputation, and their listing on the line. The general contractor must complete renovations quickly and improve the value of the home. However, most general contractors are not known for timeliness, nor are they experts in the profitability of specific pre-listing renovations. A delayed project, a bad customer experience, or a poor return-on-investment for the seller can cost an agent a lifetime of referrals.

With Curbio, there’s no need to worry. We’re more than a general contractor. We’re a full-service design-build firm that specializes in pre-sale renovations. In recent years, our tech-enabled process has reinvented every step of the renovations process to meet the needs of real estate agents and homeowners.

Curbio Renovates 65% Faster than General Contractors

Delays and missed deadlines are simply the status quo for many general contractors. In fact, the 2020 National Construction Payment Report found that less than a third of contractors finish projects on time. Long renovations are stressful for all homeowners. And for sellers who are ready to get their homes on the market, they can be a deal-breaker. For agents, these delays lead to wasted time chasing down contractors instead of winning more listings.

Curbio renovates 65% percent faster than the typical contractor. We help listings get on the market quickly and efficiently – with updates that add value. Curbio’s proprietary tech platform accelerates every step of the renovation, beginning with the estimate. We use high definition 3D video to assess the property and determine which renovations will deliver the most value. From there, we generate a detailed, fixed-price proposal, with a room-by-room breakdown of the project cost.

A typical contractor would need weeks to order all of the materials for the renovation once the scope is finalized — or require the homeowner and their agent to handle material procurement on their own. Curbio’s design team has a pre-selected portfolio of materials and a streamlined supply chain of vendors. Everything from appliances and cabinetry to fixtures and finishes are ready to go quickly, and Curbio kicks projects off within 10 days of contract signing.

Better project management

Even when renovation projects are on schedule, many Realtors® and agents find themselves putting on their hard hats and becoming the de facto general contractor for their sellers. It’s common for them to spend hours comparing quotes, selecting materials, and dropping by the site day after day to make sure everything goes according to plan.  

With Curbio, agents don’t have to worry about managing the project. We take care of everything. Our on-site project managers are full-time, salaried Curbio employees, so their full attention is on Curbio’s projects. Each has a minimum of 10 years of experience working within their local market.

Curbio’s project portal allows sellers and agents to see project progress in near real-time, no matter where they are. Curbio project managers upload pictures and videos of the renovation projects and maintain a virtual timeline, so real estate agents and home sellers know exactly what’s been completed, what’s happening next, and when the home will be ready to list.  

Curbio is the best general contractor for homeowners and agents ready to sell

Curbio is the pre-sale renovations expert

While a typical general contractor would take direction from the agent or the homeowner and execute on their vision, Curbio studies local and national design trends to ensure our renovations have broad appeal. Curbio is the only renovations company that specializes in pre-sale renovations. We know what buyers are looking for, and we renovate to their tastes.   

Thousands of real estate agents across the country have discovered and trust Curbio to make strategic renovations to their sellers’ homes. Our services are seamless and hassle-free, and most importantly, offer upfront financing. Our pay-at-closing model makes it possible for every homeowner to invest in pre-listing home improvements that make properties most appealing and valuable to buyers.

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