The Top 7 Pre-Listing Updates for Greater Boston Homes

Boston is steeped in history and home to several institutions, making it one of the most well-known cities in the US—as well as one of the most populous. The coastal city is in a transitional zone between two climates, meaning that its summers are hot and humid while its winters are cold and stormy. What does this mean for Boston area homes? The humid climate can cause damage to exterior paint, while the harsh winters can result in damage from roofs to driveways.

On top of suffering from climate-driven damages, Boston has one of the oldest housing stocks among US cities. This means Boston homes are riddled with dated features and things that need fixing. Often, homeowners are able to overlook many of the faults in the homes they live in. But when it comes time to sell, these flaws need to be fixed to avoid them becoming pitfalls of a home sale. But which home improvements are most important to make before selling? We’ve got you covered with the top 7 pre-listing home improvements for Boston homes.

Interior and exterior painting

Scuffs, scrapes, and chips in paint are a part of homeownership, but there’s a reason almost every Realtor® will suggest sellers paint before they list—it provides a nice blank slate, and instantly makes any home look newer. When it comes to exterior paint, if the current paint job is faded or chipped, it makes the entire home look old and poorly maintained. From normal wear and tear as a result of aging to damage caused by damp and humid climates, it’s fairly common to see chipped paint on the exteriors of Boston homes. Luckily paint—whether it’s needed inside or out—is an easy fix that packs a punch in delivering the right first impression.

Driveway and walkway sprucing

One of the pros of living in Boston is the opportunity to experience the full beauty of all four seasons. One of the cons? Potholes and cracked pavement. What’s worse is when the snow melts and spring sets in, weeds pop up—creating an unkept look that’s instantly seen by potential buyers as they walk up to your home.

While cracks in pavement and walkways are normal, they have a significant negative effect on curb appeal, which can lead to less offers and more days on the market. Luckily, re-paving driveways and walkways is an easy fix. Paired with some quick edging to clean up the lines of your lawn, you can create a clean-cut pathway to your front door that will give potential buyers a positive first impression of your home.

Roof and gutter repairs

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on roofs and gutters just as much as pavement. If not removed, the thaw-freeze cycle of built-up snow can cause ice dams and icicles, which lead to leaks, cracks, and cave-ins. While you’ll likely know if your roof is damaged enough that you absolutely need to get it fixed, there’s a chance that it’s okay to live with, but not up to snuff for selling. Your real estate agent will know best if replacing a roof is necessary to sell, and they can help you with a pre-listing inspection if needed.

Insulation repairs

Sealants around doors and window often crack in cold temperatures. Take a look at the sealant around your entries to determine if it needs to be replaced before listing. It’s a simple fix, and an easy way to signal to home buyers that you’ve been maintaining your home well over the years.

Dead and weak trees

Dead and weak trees pose a serious risk virtually anywhere, but even more so in cities that receive hefty snowfall. Trees that are likely to cause property damage will come up in the inspection, so it’s a good idea to get them taken care of before listing to prevent delays to closing!


Updating flooring before selling is common country wide. If home features had superlative awards, flooring would be voted “most likely to be damaged.” It literally gets walked all over daily. On top of the fact that flooring is likely to be scratched or experience fading over time, it takes up a large surface area of any home, and preferences vary and change.

Four common flooring updates that Curbio takes on to help Realtors and their clients prep listing for market are:

  • Refinishing hardwood floors that have been worn-down or stained
  • Installing consistent flooring throughout main living spaces
  • Replacing carpet that’s been worn-down or stained
  • Installing luxury vinyl tile to replace dated ceramic tile

Kitchen and bathroom updates

This one should come as no surprise. Kitchens and bathrooms are a focal point for every home buyer, securing them a spot on almost every pre-listing preparation list. From painting cabinets or vanities and swapping hardware to completely remodeling spaces, you’ll want to discuss which improvements you should make to your kitchens and bathrooms with your real estate agent. Your Realtor® will know best which updates are necessary to get your home sold for your target list price, and they can work with Curbio to get the job done.

Curbio is here for Realtors® and their clients to make preparing homes for sale easy. We take on any home improvements necessary to get homes sold—and we wait until the home sells to be paid for our work. We don’t charge any interest or fees, and we have a price-match guarantee to give you peace-of-mind, knowing you’re getting the best price for the home improvement work.

Ask your Realtor® about working with Curbio today, and have them get started by requesting a free, no-obligation estimate.