What Sells In Atlanta? Home Remodeling Ideas For Every Room 

With its booming economy, energetic culture, and growing population, Atlanta real estate is hotter than ever. Georgia’s state capital is unlike most metropolitan areas in the U.S. because of its southern charm, walkability, and a touch of nature with trees lining the city.  

Atlanta remains one of the more affordable cities to own real estate, even with home sale prices up 18% since 2020. Today, 50% of Atlanta homes are rented instead of owned, making it a great time to buy or invest in rental properties. While the growth rate has slowed in recent years, Atlanta remains a popular place to call home.  

The nationwide lifestyle shift of the last couple of years has reshaped what many homeowners want out of their homes, which is more prevalent than ever in Atlanta. The global pandemic shut many of us indoors for a significant amount of time, forcing us to reprioritize our living spaces. Whether it is a five-star kitchen or a cozy book nook, now is an excellent time to give your home a refresh that reflects your personality.  

Check out what design trends are popular among Atlanta homeowners, and which updates will increase home value for potential buyers: 

Spa-like bathrooms  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about #selfcare. The self-care trend has been rising in popularity since the early 2010s but has reached its peak in 2022. This priority shift is reflected in today’s bathroom designs and in demand by prospective buyers. Homeowners are creating bathrooms where they can unwind, and buyers are demanding modern elements and finishes.  

As far as Atlanta bathroom renovations go, spa-like bathrooms are soaring in popularity. Therefore, they’re a regular fixture in open houses in the city’s most desirable locations. Although design and style fluctuate, there are a few elements consistent with recent Atlanta home remodels. Warm neutrals like beige walls and wood vanities are trending down. Homeowners now opt for cooler neutrals that feel chic and sophisticated, like black marble and white subway tile.  

Not all spa-like updates require a total bathroom renovation. A budget-friendly way to upgrade your bathroom is to paint the existing vanity or simply swap out the hardware for something more contemporary. If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, consider installing a free-standing tub or a walk-in steamer shower. Changes like these don’t just increase relaxation… they drive up the value of your Atlanta home. 

Prioritize outdoor living spaces  

Beautiful weather is another perk to living in Atlanta. Homeowners are finding clever ways to enjoy the warm Georgia climate by taking advantage of their outdoor space. Creating an inviting outdoor entertainment area can make it feel like your home has more livable space to enjoy.  

The best part is you can customize your outdoor oasis to best fit your lifestyle. Maybe you prefer a relaxing fire pit surrounded by comfy chairs to encourage community and good conversation. Perhaps you lean towards an additional dining area on the patio to host Sunday brunch. If you’re going to remodel even part of your home, the backyard is a great investment. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that capitalizing on your outdoor space will add value to your home and variety to your daily life.  

Upgrade the kitchen  

It comes as no surprise that the kitchen is usually the most expensive room to renovate, but you don’t have to break the bank to create a cooking space that excites you. Focus on upgrading one or two big things or many small things. If you’re currently googling ‘Atlanta kitchen remodel’ to get a sense of the cost, check out the price difference between a refresh and a remodel.  

Although either choice, a kitchen renovation or a kitchen remodel, will increase the value of your Atlanta home, there are key differences. So once you understand what makes sense for you, you can identify which projects you’re ready to take on. Installing granite countertops or upgrading to stainless steel appliances can be a heavy lift but is guaranteed to improve the space. Meanwhile, tackling smaller tasks like swapping out hardware, upgrading light fixtures, or installing a new faucet can also succeed in making your kitchen feel expensive and modern.  

Add a pop of color  

There are many magazines and blogs out there that claim to know the best decisions to make to keep your house updated. But when it comes to the look and feel of your home, you make the rules. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine! Consider painting a bright accent wall or springing for a kelly green sofa instead of an ordinary color. Bold wallpaper is increasing in popularity and is a fun way to bring personality to a space, and we’re not talking about your grandma’s faded carnation paper. Experiment with big, colorful shapes or a fierce print that includes your favorite animal.  

Atlanta is among the top 10 cities in America where you can find fantastic art. Support local artists and purchase some striking pieces that speak to you to add character to your home.  

Ditch the open layout  

The pandemic taught many of us what we want out of our homes, and after being shut inside with family, privacy has become a priority. Make the most of your space by creating multiple versatile rooms instead of one large living area.  

At-home offices have been on the rise since the beginning of 2020, as well as areas set aside for fitness. Dedicating spaces for your routines can push you to be more organized and aid productivity and relaxation. This can be in the form of a complete remodel, or, as a less permanent solution, you can get resourceful with room separators or partitions.  

Bring the outside in  

We already touched on the importance of bringing entertainment areas outdoors, but your home can also benefit from bringing the outside in. With more people working from home and craving a touch of nature, houseplants are now as popular as they were in the 70s. Along with the aesthetic that houseplants provide, they are also proven to combat seasonal depression, boost creativity, and improve air quality. If you weren’t born with a green thumb, you could start with low-maintenance plants like a spider plant, fern, or assorted succulents.  

Atlanta’s housing market grants homeowners the opportunity to create a home they’re proud of. Evaluate where you spend your time and what you prioritize most about your home, and begin your refresh in the areas that come to mind first. The happier you are with your Atlanta remodel, the happier future owners will be in your home as well.

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