Announcing Curbio’s Inspection Estimate Tool

Stop stressing about post-inspection repairs and estimates

At Curbio, we believe that innovation and technology can make life less stressful and more prosperous. That’s why we’re rolling out a tool that makes dealing with post-inspection repairs and negotiations easier. The free inspection estimate tool is the first of its kind and allows you to:

  • Request a free same-day estimate for repairs
  • Share the estimate with your clients and stakeholders in the transaction
  • Order and agree to a scope of work with Curbio to execute the updates and start work right away

From free estimates to completed repairs in no time

Curbio’s free inspection tool gives you instant price quotes for inspection repairs. Then, once you generate the free estimates, you have the option to hire Curbio to handle the repairs through our concierge home improvement services. We’ll take care of each repair and complete them quickly. 

And just like with all of Curbio’s turnkey home improvement services, your clients won’t pay for post-inspection repairs until after their homes sell.

Curbio’s free inspection estimate tool quickly and reliably generates customized home repair estimates based on the information from your uploaded inspection report and the local market. It provides an on-the-go solution to ordering home repairs and gets you to the closing table faster.

There’s no escaping home inspections

While many real estate agents wish they could avoid home inspections and post-inspection repairs, everyone knows they’re here to stay. A whopping 88% of homebuyers in the US order an inspection before purchasing a home. Additionally, inspections are an essential time in the home purchasing and selling process. Of the home inspections performed, 86% of them uncovered at least one issue. Almost half of the buyers in this predicament used home inspection results to negotiate a lower price on their homes. Inspections are a part of every real estate transaction. Why not use a free, accurate tool to navigate home inspections more easily?

The free inspection tool helps buying and selling agents

Agents representing homebuyers can use Curbio’s inspector tool when a client is in the inspection phase of a home sale.

The tool allows buying agents to:

naviage home inspections with curbio's free estimator tool for real estate agents
  • Quickly receive estimates for repairs
  • Use estimates to navigate negotiations with the selling parties and help determine a revised offer
  • Avoid noticeable hiccups when under contract and ensure homes are in market-ready condition

The tool allows selling or listing agents to:

  • Have a quick, reliable solution for pricing out repairs
  • Execute the repairs as quickly as possible
  • Waste zero time (no more chasing down contractors, negotiating, project managing, and problem-solving)

All agents can use Curbio’s free inspection tool to help homebuyers and homeowners understand the cost of post-inspection repairs. The handy features offer locally-priced estimates for specific maintenance and quickly generate an overview of costs to inform negotiations best.

Get Curbio’s free inspection tool

The tool is a free, downloadable app in all major app stores. Look out for more exciting tools within the app that improve and streamline the real estate business as we know it.

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