Affordable Home Renovation: Update Now, Pay Later

Affordable home renovation services

What if we told you that affordable home renovation services are a few clicks and phone calls away? Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner keen to sell, meet Curbio, your new best friend. We are a home improvement company disrupting an archaic industry and blazing a trail to accessible pre-listing home renovations and repairs for all Americans.  

With Curbio, homeowners have affordable home renovation services at their fingertips.

Now, homeowners can realize their homes’ fullest value without spending on modern renovations. Selling a home is costly enough as it is! Traditional contractors require upfront payment for services, which makes pre-listing home improvements (and the profits they bear) unattainable for most of us. At Curbio, we knew there was a better way to meet the needs of homeowners and real estate agents. Allow us to explain. 

Affordable home renovation services? How does that work? 

The premise is simple. Here’s how it works

1. Tell us about your home for a free, same-day estimate 

Our only requirements are that you live within one of our serviceable markets (and we cover most of the U.S. metro areas and their surrounding towns) and you have a real estate agent. If you meet that simple criterion, contact our home improvement experts to receive a customized estimate on the strategic, pre-listing home improvements that will make your house sale most profitable. We’re not using the term “experts” lightly either! All of our Home Improvement Consultants are licensed and experienced real estate agents who know the ins and outs of the industry.

2. Make it official — but do not pay a dime 

To formalize project details, we will conduct a virtual walkthrough with you and your real estate agent. Once the scope has been agreed upon, you (and your fellow homeowner(s)) will sign a contract for the proposed work — with no payment due until closing. Next, you will first connect with your onsite project manager who will be your responsive point person from start to completion of all your pre-listing home renovations.  

With Curbio, homeowners have affordable home renovation services at their fingertips.

3. Use our streamlined tech to stay in the loop 

Once we break ground on your affordable home renovation and repair services, you will always be in the know. Curbio’s dashboard provides more visibility into projects than ever before, so you don’t have to be on-site as we improve your property. And you will never stress over trying to connect with your building team or general contractors! Any device can be used to schedule meetings, track progress, view photo and video updates, and select materials. 

4. Pay Curbio once you reap the rewards of a successful home sale 

Unlike traditional general contractors, Curbio receives payment when homes sell without interest charges or fees. Homeowners simply pay the agreed upon cost of services after a successful run on the housing market that ends at the closing table. It’s simple, affordable, and hassle-free. 

Curbio raises the bar in affordable home renovations  

There is so much to love about our mold-breaking home improvement business model. We are trustworthy — and trusted by thousands of real estate agents and homeowners throughout the country. Maybe it’s the fact that we hire all of our builders, contractors, and project managers in-house. Or perhaps people love us because we deliver on our promises. Whatever the reason, we are glad to be helping homeowners raise property values and earn a handsome profit selling their homes.

If you have always dreamed of affordable pre-listing home renovation services, it’s time to make your dreams come true with Curbio. Are you ready to raise your home’s value before you sell it? Tell us about your property and we’ll send you a free, same-day estimate

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