Will Vinyl Siding Increase Home Value?

When you’re renovating for your tastes with the intention of staying in a home, re-sale value doesn’t always matter. But when you’re renovating to sell, increasing home value is incredibly important because, well, that’s the whole point. We’ve published a blog that goes into how to improve curb appeal, but we get a lot of question about exterior finishes and which ones will add value. One specific question we get is: Will vinyl siding increase home value?

There’s not necessarily a straightforward answer. If your home looks like this, then yes, installing new, vinyl siding will increase a home’s value. But that may not be the best solution.

If the exterior of your home is in good condition, then adding vinyl siding can be an unnecessary and expensive renovation choice. And in some cases, the exterior of a home may be in pretty bad shape, but all it really needs is a coat of high-quality paint to drastically improve curb appeal. If it results in the same value-add, then most home sellers will opt for the coat of paint because it’s a whole lot cheaper to execute than installing vinyl siding. See this same house with a fresh coat of paint:

At Curbio, we focus on making renovation decisions that will increase home seller profit. We frequently choose to refresh homes instead of completely renovate them because often times, that’s all they need.

We provide pre-listing updates and defer payment until closing so that every home seller can achieve the full profit of their home. Our process starts with a completely free, no-obligation consultation in which we speak with your real estate agent about the home’s current value, what works needs to be done to help it sell for more, and the post-renovation value. You can learn more about our process here.