What Home Buyers Really Want

They may not know it, but home buyers want renovated properties 

Today’s buyers, similar to many of the homeowners featured on Love It or List It, prefer move-in ready properties, not projects. This goes especially for millennial home buyers, who currently make up the majority of potential buyers.

And after being quarantined in imperfect homes for—wait, how many days has it been?—you can bet that buyers will be turned off by homes in need of even minor repairs.

All that’s nice, but how do you ensure your listings will give buyers what they want?

According to the NAR’s 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 39% of recent buyers who purchased new homes were looking to avoid renovations and problems. Meanwhile, 33% of buyers who purchased previously owned homes were most often considering a better overall value. The good news: buyers can have the best of both worlds with homes renovated by Curbio. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Home Buyers Don’t Want Projects

Many of today’s buyers are so wary of projects that, instead of settling for an outdated home, they’ll actually choose to wait. For 44% of recent buyers, looking online at properties was their first step in the home buying process (and that was before the fear of COVID-19 set in). Home buyers who would cross a property off their short list before the pandemic are more likely to do so now. With in-person showings now having an element of risk, buyers are using the online appeal of listings to fully vet homes they’re willing to venture outside to see.

Renovating homes before they hit the market has never been more critical. An outdated or even dysfunctional kitchen or bath, or flooring that’s stained or scratched can all turn buyers away. With most buyers at home, searching online, it’s important to pique buyers’ interest and help your sellers make updates before listing.

Unlike a traditional contractor, Curbio only takes on smart renovations that will attract more buyers and help the home sell. Since we don’t get paid until closing, we have no incentive to encourage needless renovations that will delay time to market or not add value.

To top it all off, we provide a one-year warranty for our work. So, both the buyers and your sellers can rest assured that the work that was done is not only quality, but also covered.

Home Buyers Want to find Good Value

Brand new homes have their appeal, but their prices are astronomical. Many home buyers turn to previously owned homes not only because of low inventory, but also because they can get a much bigger bang for their buck.

So, how can buyers balance their desire for a move-in ready home with their desire for good value? That’s where Curbio comes in. We work with agents and sellers to create move-in ready homes that achieve a higher sale price and profit for sellers. The homes we renovate satisfy demand for modern and move-in ready homes, while also providing great value for buyers.

We’re always careful not to over-renovate and either reduce the profit for the seller or drive the price up too high for potential buyers. We focus only on smart renovations that make good business sense and materials and designs that match buyers’ tastes. We stay on top of all home design trends, but make sure that the updates we make are actually increasing home values.

Outdated properties spend more days on the market and fetch lower sale prices because home buyers want homes that won’t turn into projects. By making smart, pre-listing home improvements, you can give buyers what they really want: an updated, modern home that doesn’t come with the steep price tag of a new-build. Get started on your sellers’ pre-listing improvements today to provide buyers with the homes they want.