hgtv myths

Don’t get us wrong, our team here at Curbio loves HGTV. The channel’s programs have helped the home improvement and real estate industries tremendously. HGTV has opened homeowners’ eyes to the possibilities of home renovation, from minor makeovers to major remodels.

HGTV has exemplified how smart updates, even those that don’t cost a fortune, can make a big difference in sale price. Shows like Love It or List It prove time and time again that the value of a home on the market can change dramatically by expanding a kitchen, adding a bathroom, or fixing the smaller flaws that could scare off buyers.

That being said, HGTV isn’t perfect, and can perpetuate a handful of home improvement myths that we consistently work to debunk:

  • One Crew Does it All.

    HGTV makes it seem like a single team conducts the entire renovation, and while general contractors like Curbio oversee and project manage the home improvement project, we also rely on a network of trusted subcontractors. Finding qualified subcontractors is very imperative, so partnering with a GC that has put in the time and effort to build these relationships is key to home renovation success. HGTV glosses over this important truth.

  • Transactions happen in minutes.

    In shows like Fixer Upper and House Hunters, buyers select their dream home from one of a few listings, have their offers instantly accepted over the phone, and move in within the course of a half-hour episode. Of course, real estate agents know that the contractual logistics of buying and selling a home take more than mere minutes (often more than a few weeks), and buyers don’t always get the house they want, especially when they drag their feet.

  • Property location doesn’t affect renovation decisions.

    HGTV hosts rarely address how the local market shapes (or should shape) homeowners’ renovation choices. Flip or Flop’s Christina and Tarek love using tile or concrete floors throughout the homes they renovate, which would not be a smart renovation choice for homes outside of Southern California. Many shows, like Property Bothers, don’t tell viewers where they’re filming. Without context about the cost of homes in the market, it’s impossible for viewers to understand the value of the renovations completed.

Keep binge watching your favorite HGTV shows (we certainly will be), but keep in mind that a 30-minute episode can’t encapsulate the renovation process in its entirety.

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