Webinar: Pre-Sale Renovation for Seniors

Thursday, June 13 at 12PM ET/ 11AM CT

Nearly 76% of people who sold their home in 2018 were seniors. But many senior homeowners, wanting to avoid the hassle and expense of prepping their home for the market, decide to forego renovations and list “as-is.”

Unfortunately, homes sold by seniors spend more days on market and sell for lower prices, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.

In this data-rich webinar, we’ll show agents how they can help seniors get the best possible price for their homes without taking out a loan or selling for under fair market value to a flipper.

You’ll learn

  • How pre-sale renovations can benefit senior sellers
  • Which renovations are most important for reselling senior-owned properties
  • How to make pre-sale renovations easy and painless for your clients