Webinar for real estate agents 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 9:30am

According to BMO’s “Psychology of House Hunting” report, 71% of buyers are afraid of buying a home that needs work, and 80% of buyers decide whether a house is right for them within seconds of entering the property for the first time. It’s an emotional decision based on how they feel inside the home, which is, of course, influenced by the home’s condition and aesthetics.

Pre-sale renovation can reduce days on market and increase a home’s sale price, and sellers are increasingly looking to their agent for their expertise in this area. A 2018 study by NAR found that the ability to  “make recommendations about updating a home for sale” was one of the top 4 strengths sellers were looking for in an agent. 

Drawing from market research and our team’s 25+ years of home renovation experience, we will show Realtor®s how to

  • Evaluate pre-sale renovation ROI
  • Spot red flags in a home
  • Optimize your time during the initial walkthrough of the home
  • Position yourself as an advisor in the eyes of your clients

You’ll leave the webinar with actionable strategies for becoming a pre-sale renovation expert.