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August 12th | 1 PM EST

We've been following the story of Sherelle and her daughter, Gaby and the renovation of their home. See Sherelle's reaction as she sees her newly renovated house for the first time!

virtual open house

Meet Sherelle & Gaby

Sherelle is a single mom with big plans, who always has a smile on her face. As her agent, John Johnston (Tesla Realty Group) put it, “not many people catch my heart these days, but she did.”

When she began to struggle to make mortgage payments on her Northwood, PA home, she realized she needed to sell. Determined to find a solution that would help maximize the profit from the sale of her home, she came across Curbio in a Google search.

After bringing in Sherelle’s Realtor, Curbio began a virtual assessment of the large 6-bedroom, 1.5 bath colonial, built in 1925. Sherelle had already begun renovations, with the kitchen and upstairs hall bathroom well-underway. But with a new baby to take care of, she was ready to let Curbio takeover.

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PART I: Get to know Sherelle & Gaby

PART II: See the project progress

About Curbio

We Fix It. You List It. Sellers Pay at Closing. 

Sellers want to sell quickly, and at the top of the comps. Agents know that most homes need repairs and updates to sell for what the homeowner wants. But homeowners who are ready to move on don’t want to put additional time, effort, and money into the sale. Realtors end up stuck between the seller’s unrealistic expectations and their unwillingness or inability to make the improvements needed for a successful sale. 

With Curbio, agents can bridge the gap between their seller’s expectations and market realities by providing a pre-listing renovation solution that requires little effort and no upfront cash from the seller—and that prioritizes speed to market. The result: a home that will sell for more—faster (and a happy seller!).