Top 8 Pre-Listing Home Improvements for Orlando

The hot and humid climate of Orlando presents unique opportunities for home sellers to capitalize on the value of pre-listing home improvements. From everyday damage to hurricane damage, Orlando homes experience wear and tear differently. Realtors® and their sellers should know which home improvements will result in a faster and more profitable sale. We’re excited to share the updates that result in the highest returns for sellers!

Deferred maintenance

Every home selling checklist should have deferred maintenance on it. Simply put, today’s buyers are searching for move-in ready homes that won’t require home improvement projects. Even in a seller’s market, tackling deferred maintenance is a must. A lack of doing so could result in less offers and red flags during the inspection.

Mold remediation

The Florida housing market is, unsurprisingly, prone to mold. The humid climate, paired with frequent storms, means mold and mildew can make its way into even the most cared for homes. Mold is something potential buyers will certainly notice—either due to the sight or the smell. If you know of a mold or mildew issue in your home, it’s important to get it taken care of before listing to avoid making potential buyers run for the hills.

Spruce up outdoor spaces

Many people move to Florida specifically for the warm weather and the ability to spend more time outside. On top of this, the global pandemic has left people nationwide wanting more outdoor space to entertain. Pay attention to your home’s curb appeal because it matters for both photos as well as buyers’ first impression upon visiting the property. Don’t stop after sprucing up your landscaping though. Staging your backyard will ensure that it’s seen in the best light by prospective buyers. You want them to envision themselves relaxing and entertaining! Below, you can see a beautiful backyard transformation Curbio carried out in Palm Beach.


Carpet Replacement

Carpet only has a life span of 5-15 years. If your carpet is worn down, stained, or otherwise damaged, replacing it before selling is key to ensuring your home sale is successful. It’s important to note that your carpet does not need to be replaced with more carpet. In fact, due to the hot and humid climate, many homeowners and home buyers prefer tile, hardwood, or luxury vinyl tile over carpet.

Choosing which flooring material to go with for your pre-listing updates is easy when you work with Curbio. Together, with the home seller and real estate agent, we determine which updates are best to get a property sold. We also determine which materials are best to use based on what’s popular in the specific market. Because sellers don’t pay until closing, you don’t have to be limited by the cash you have on-hand. Instead, you can pick the material that will fetch the highest net profit.

Roof repairs and replacements

Due to harsh winds from tropical storms and hurricanes, Orlando-area roofs generally have more damage than the average American home, which has resulted in tension between homeowners and home insurance companies. A younger, undamaged roof isn’t only desirable for its remaining lifespan, but also for its insurability. This means that repairing or replacing your roof is likely to increase home value.

Unless your roof is brand new, it’s likely worth ordering a pre-listing inspection to determine if it needs repairs or a replacement. This will help you avoid issues with your inspection that could put your home sale on the line.

Exterior repairs

Just like roofs, other exterior features also experience more damage than average due to stormy conditions. From repairing stucco to prevent water from seeping into cracks to repainting siding damaged by humid and windy weather conditions, there’s a lot for sellers to consider before listing. While worn-down exterior paint is generally considered normal wear and tear, the worn look on the exterior of your home could lead sellers to worry about the condition of the entire home.

Kitchen updates

Kitchens are, and always will be a focal point for home buyers. Pair the importance of kitchens with the variety in design trends over the course of history, and it’s no surprise that home sellers can often make significantly more money from the sale of their home by making some improvements.

Updating a kitchen doesn’t always mean ripping and replacing everything. To save time and money while still achieving a sleek, modern look, Curbio will frequently paint cabinets and swap hardware like we did in the photos below. Of course, we can handle a full remodel as well if that’s what’s necessary to achieve your home sale goals.


Bathroom refreshes

Bathrooms weren’t always as much of a focal point as they are today. With self-care trending, home buyers are looking for more than just a basic bathroom. Modern tile, furniture-style vanities, and large showers and/or soaker tubs are all trending, making them good options for a bathroom refresh. You and your Realtor® can work with Curbio to determine exactly which upgrades will help you maximize your profit from your home sale.

Curbio is here for Realtors® and their clients to make preparing homes for sale easy. We take on any home improvements necessary to get homes sold—and we wait until the home sells to be paid for our work. We don’t charge any interest or fees, and we have a price-match guarantee to give you peace-of-mind, knowing you’re getting the best price for the home improvement work.

Ask your Realtor® about working with Curbio today, and have them get started by requesting a free, no-obligation estimate.