4 Profitable Home Improvements to Make Before Selling in Jersey Shore

New Jersey’s infamous Jersey Shore stretches 130+ miles along the Atlantic Ocean. The northern half, which includes popular real estate markets Ashbury Park, Lakewood, and Tom’s River, is home to some of the most exquisite properties in the state.

The real estate market is hotter than it’s ever been before, so now is the time to ensure you’re getting top dollar when your listing goes up for sale. Lucky for you, we’ve identified 4 profitable pre-listing improvements to make before selling in North Jersey Shore. Plus, when you and your agent use Curbio’s services, you can expect an average return of 213%. That means for every $1,000 Curbio invests in pre-listing improvements, your home value will increase on average by $3,130. Now that’s a great deal! 

With 80% of homes in America being 20 years or older, there’s no hiding the fact that every home needs some degree of updates. In fact, 3 out of 4 homeowners will make updates of some kind before listing their home in order to maximize the money in their pocket. So, what exactly are the top 4 projects you should consider before listing a home in North Jersey Shore?

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Not All Updates Are Created Equal

There are three main categories when it comes to pre-listing improvements: Repairs, Refreshes, and Remodels. 

Nearly every agent will recommend to their clients basic listing prep items like painting the walls with a neutral color, refinishing the floors, swapping out light fixtures and a thorough deep cleaning inside and out. Repairs and remodels take it the extra step and really help your home stand out from the crowd. 

Here are the top four tried-and-true pre-listing improvements you should consider before listing your home for sale in the Jersey Shore:

A Fresh Coat of Paint

When prospective homebuyers walk into your home, what’s the first thing that they see? Walls everywhere. The paint color in your home makes (or breaks) the first impression for anyone walking through that front entry way, so it’s consistently one of our top recommendations – and Jersey Shore is no exception. Neutral paints are always a great choice to appeal to the widest audience, as it’s the most desirable color palette.

Beyond that, it’s one of the most inexpensive prep items to check off the list that yields one of the largest returns. The average cost for a fresh coat of paint is just $5,350.

Updated Flooring

Out with the old and in with the new! Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the new kid on the block and it’s taking the home improvement industry by storm. Not only is it easier to install (meaning quicker turnaround times) and more cost-effective, but it’s also more durable than standard hardwood flooring. It’s a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements that are prone to moist conditions since its completely waterproof.

Homebuyers in North Jersey Shore want move-in ready homes, and there’s nothing more difficult to replace after you’ve moved-in than flooring[CK1] . Therefore, its viewed as a top desirable feature that homebuyers are willing to pay more for. The average cost to throw in some new flooring is $11,200.

Curbio’s materials portfolio is in stock and ready to ship, and we’re starting projects within about a week from a signed proposal. Want to work with Curbio to install LVT in your listing? Start the conversation with a free, same day estimate here.

Kitchen Refreshes

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so when you’re looking to score top dollar for your listing, an updated or even remodeled kitchen is sure to help you achieve just that. From kitchen flooring to countertops to cabinets and more, the style and materials you select for this room will set the tone for the rest of the home.[CK1] 

Most kitchens have good bones, so sometimes a simple kitchen refresh is all that’s needed to skyrocket your home’s market value. Painting the existing cabinets, adding a new backsplash, and replacing the current countertops is a great investment for a standout kitchen. The average cost to spice up a chef’s headquarters is $13,600.

Curb Appeal

Last, but certainly not least, is curb appeal. Everyone knows how important curb appeal is, but you may not realize just how critical it is to get it right, especially for listings in North Jersey Shore. The image that will show up in listing feeds will more often than not be of the front of your home – so that means it is the first thing buyers see both in person and online. Therefore, in order to get more prospective buyers to click on your listing to view more details, you must ensure it pops from the rest of the competition.

Simple improvements like landscaping, pressure washing, exterior painting, and roof repairs will do wonders to your listing’s interest on the internet and from the street. It’s the simple things that go a long way in generating intrigue from potential homebuyers. The average cost for some curb appeal landscaping is $500.

How to Fix First and Pay Later for Pre-Listing Updates

When it’s all said and done, nobody enjoys writing a check for home updates they won’t use since they’re on their way out. For this reason, many homeowners and their agents are working with Curbio to get these profit-maximizing, stress-free, bidding-war-inducing updates finished before listing – at no cost to them.

With $0 due until closing, you can get the return on your home investment you deserve. Even better, projects completed with Curbio take 50% less time on average than working with a general contractor; and in today’s North Jersey Shore market, time equals money.

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