Tips to Help Seniors Sell Their Homes for More

Seniors may choose to sell their homes to downsize, to move into a senior care facility, or to move closer to family. No matter the reason, when you’re that close to retirement (or already retired), you want to make sure you’re squeezing all of the equity out of your home as possible because that money will help you fund your retirement.

But when they’re moving on, most seniors (and most people in general) don’t want to put the time, money, and energy into their homes to get it ready for the next homeowners. And many seniors overlook the fact that their home décor has been catered to their tastes over the years and that tastes have changed drastically since they bought their homes. People no longer want floral wallpaper, carpet everywhere, accent walls, etc. They want modern, consistent flooring throughout, walls painted with neutral colors, modern kitchens with updated appliances and granite or quartz countertops, and bathrooms fit for ample self-care.

Our tips for helping seniors sell their homes for more:

  1. Declutter and organize
  2. Look at homes that have been sold recently
  3. Repair, refresh, and renovate

1. Declutter and clean

Whether you’re downsizing or not, there is probably some “junk” in your home that’s just not worth moving. Even if you don’t plan to make repairs and renovate your home before you put it on the market, decluttering and cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list for the sale of your home—especially since you’ll need to do it to move anyways.

2. Look at homes that have been sold recently

When you look at homes in your area that have sold recently, you’ll develop a better understanding of what’s helping homes not just sell, but also sell for more. You’ll see that the ones that are selling quickly, and at the top of the comps are the ones that have been updated with modern finishes. By using a contractor that gets paid at closing, you can help your sellers list at the top of the comps—and you can bet they’ll thank you with referrals!

3. Repair, refresh, and renovate

After looking at the homes that have sold in your market, you’ll probably see at least some need for repairs and refreshes to help you squeeze more equity out of your home sale. But taking on these repairs yourself or even hiring several contractors to do the work sounds like a lot of work. Not to mention, you might not have the cash available to pay for the work before your home sells. This is where Curbio comes in. We repair, refresh, and renovate homes and wait until closing to be paid so that every homeowner can achieve the full profit potential of their home. We specialize only in pre-sale renovations and achieve an average of $50k in profit for the homeowners who work with us (after we get paid at closing). So, what do you think—would you wait 5 weeks to list to get an extra $50k (without doing any of the work yourself or fronting any of the cash)?

Getting started is easy. Have your real estate agent submit a request for a consultation and we’ll work together to determine which updates will achieve the highest profit for you. Have questions about the process? Check out our How It Works page.

Still not convinced? To back up our tips for helping seniors sell their homes, below is one of our favorite case studies from a senior seller and her agent, Helen Murphy. The seller profited $64k!