The Complete Social Distancing Guide for Pre-Sale Renovation and Home Selling

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Though it seems like much of the economy is on pause, Curbio is continuing operations during the COVID-19 crisis to provide support to real estate agents and home sellers.

Even in the midst of this pandemic, many buyers are still eager to purchase homes. Curbio recently renovated this home, for example, and it was under contract in 10 days.

But some homeowners may put off selling until things settle down. This means there will be a backlog of home sales after what’s become an extended winter market. For those looking to sell in the spring and summer, now is a prime time to take on pre-sale renovations to ultimately cash in on one of life’s biggest investments.

Curbio is helping sellers renovate to achieve the move-in ready look that home buyers are looking for. We don’t require any payment until the home sells, and there are no fees or interest charges. The best part is that, with some tweaks to our process and services, we can take on the entire pre-sale renovation with zero in-person contact, and we’re providing support to agents to get homes marketed and sold during the crisis. Read on to see how we’re making all of this happen.

Virtual Estimates

Thanks to our tech platform and proprietary pricing database, Curbio can deliver a general estimate after a short phone call with the real estate agent. Once the homeowner and agent have discussed the general estimate, the homeowner has the option to either move on with Curbio’s standard virtual walkthrough or the new Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough.

Standard Curbio Virtual Walkthrough
We send a single video technician to the property to do a 3D video scan, and then invite the agent and seller to participate in a virtual walkthrough, which they can join from anywhere with an internet connection.

Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough
Realtors and sellers can now conduct video scans of their property right from their phones—eliminating the need for a visit from a video technician prior to the walkthrough.

During the walkthrough, our Home Improvement Consultants work with the homeowner and agent to determine what work should be done to get the home sold faster and for more money. We’ll send a detailed proposal and contract that the seller signs electronically.

No-Contact Renovation

54% of the homes we renovate are vacant. For those that aren’t, Curbio will cover relocation expenses and help homeowners find safe, temporary housing. To keep everyone in the loop, our Project Managers will continue to communicate about the progress of the project through the Curbio Project Portal.

To ensure the safety of our Project Managers and subcontractors during the renovation, we’ve set up a $100,000 fund to support contractors who are unable to continue their work for us due to COVID-19. This will make it easier for workers to follow our guidelines, without having to make a choice between health and feeding their family.

In addition to these measures, all Curbio employees, including our Project Managers, have excellent healthcare and unlimited paid sick leave.

Support for Selling

We’re here to guide agents through the ins and outs of marketing and selling a home during the crisis. We’ve already written up some tips for selling during a pandemic. To recap:

  • Video and 3D virtual tours are must-haves (and we’re offering to pay for them during the crisis)
  • Stream your open house
  • Host virtual tours and chats with interested buyers
  • Conduct private showings with extra sanitation supplies

If you need help getting started with any of these tech-enabled selling approaches, we’re here to provide support for agents and sellers in any way we can. We’ve also provided some information on how agents can develop and maintain a digital brand that you may find useful and have an upcoming webinar in which we’ll discuss how agents can out their pipelines during the pandemic.

Even with social distancing, sellers can improve, show off and sell their homes. We’re proud to continue helping people put more money in their pocket at closing—especially now.