Sell More Houses, Manage Fewer Projects

  • Save Your Valuable Time

    We manage the entire project so you don’t have to, from the first call to final walkthrough.

  • Make Every Client a Raving Fan

    Your clients will make more money, and you’ll earn a referral source for life. 

  • Sell Homes Faster

    Our buyer-focused renovations significantly reduce days on market

  • Protect Your Reputation

    Curbio is a national company known for professional teams and quality, on-time work

Introducing: No-Contact Renovations

The safe way to renovate now with no upfront payment, no fees, and most importantly, no physical risk.


Enter the property address to get a same-day general estimate from our Home Improvement Consultant team. We’ll call you to determine the as-is value, renovations needed and the after-renovation value, as well as the amount owed on the home.


Standard Curbio Virtual Walkthrough
We send a single video technician to the property to do a 3D video scan, and then invite the agent and seller to participate in a virtual walkthrough, which they can join from anywhere with an internet connection.

Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough
Realtors and sellers can now conduct video scans of their property right from their phones—eliminating the need for a visit from a video technician prior to the walkthrough.


For homes that are not vacant, Curbio will cover relocation expenses and help homeowners find safe, temporary housing. To keep everyone in the loop, our Project Managers will continue to communicate about the progress of the project through the Curbio Project Portal.

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See Our Results

  • Sale Price
  • As-is List Price
  • Days on Market
  • Renovation Cost
  • ROI
  • Project Length
  • $565,000
  • $475,000
  • 3 days
  • $65,000
  • 135%
  • 4 weeks