HOMEOWNER: Our neighbor a block down just got $450,000 for their house, and it’s almost identical in layout to ours—why do you think we can only get $415,000? 

AGENT: Well, if you saw the listing photos, they’ve done a lot of work on the interior—new kitchen, updated bathrooms, refinished floors. Yes, the layout is the same, but buyers will pay more for those upgrades. I think if we tried to list at $450,000, we’d have trouble getting an offer, and I know you have a timeline in mind.  

HOMEOWNER: We have a timeline, but we also need the cash for our next move.  

AGENT: If you were willing to make some updates before we list, we might have a shot at getting $450,000.  

HOMEOWNER: Updates? Like what? Won’t that be expensive? 

Convincing your seller that the only way to achieve their target list price is making some improvements first isn’t always easyThough you understand the upside, all your sellers hear is you telling them to push back their listing date, spend money deal with contractors the list of cons goes on. This is a tough spot to be in, trapped between your seller’s unrealistic expectations and the realities of the real estate market. 

What if you could offer a solution that requires no upfront investment from your sellers, doesn’t require them (or you!) to make a single call to a contractor or trip to the hardware store, guarantees profit and can be done with your seller’s timeline in mind?  

We know a guy. Spoiler alert: it’s Curbio, we’re the guy(s). 

See how you can address common seller holdups and make the renovation conversation a success by introducing Curbio as a solution. 

What Your Sellers Will Ask, And What You Should Say

“Where will I get the money?”

Theres a company called Curbio, who will do the updates and you won’t pay a penny for the work until the house sells with no fees or interest. Everything will be taken care of through the title company at closing, so you won’t have to worry about transferring a large sum or managing the paymentWe’ll get a no-obligation fixed-price proposal right away, so you’ll know exactly what the costs are before you commit.  

“Why do I need to renovate? Houses are selling quickly.”

True, it’s definitely a sellers’ market, but that just means more opportunity to make a bigger profitToday’s buyers, particularly millennials, who make up 53% of recent borrowers, prefer properties that won’t require renovations, and they’ll pay a premium for updated properties.  

"How much more could I make?"

It depends on the work that we do, but the good thing is Curbio specializes in preparing homes for market, so they’ll be able to help us determine which renovations or updates would bring the biggest return. Their renovations have an average profit of $52,000, and that’s after you pay them for the work, so you could stand to make a lot more, which is money you can put toward your next move. 

"What work would need to be done?"

Curbio’s experienced Home Improvement Consultants (all former agents and renovation professionals) will help us determine what updates would bring the biggest return. Unlike General Contractors, they don’t benefit from scope creep, so they’ll only suggest renovations that make sense.  

"How long will renovations take?"

Curbio renovates on average of 60% faster than the typical contractor, because they have the same goal we do: to make the smart updates that will maximize profit and get on the market quickly. Their average renovation takes 4-8 weeks depending on what updates we do, but if we kept it simple with things like paint and staging, they could be done in as little as a week.  

"Will I have to manage the contractors?"

All you have to do is sign the contract. Curbio has dedicated project managers, one of whom, will be assigned to your house. They’ll manage the contractors and keep you updated on the progress with photos, videos and weekly schedules posted on the Curbio Project Portal, which you can access from anywhere. 

"How will I know the work is good quality?"

Curbio has worked on over 1000 homes across the country, and they’ve fine-tuned their process to ensure you have a stress-free, seamless experience from beginning to end.  

“Can you guarantee I’ll get my money back in the sale?”

Curbio’s renovations have an average ROI of 113%. But if you’re feeling hesitant, they also offer a No Loss Guarantee contract option, which would ensure that you literally can’t lose money when working with them. In the (rare) event that the home sale doesn’t offer a profit, Curbio would eat the cost. 

Come prepared to pitch renovations on your next listing appointment by downloading Curbio’s customizable marketing materials, including videos, brochures, slide decks and more