Pivot to Curbio with Contact-Free Pre-Sale Renovations

When Curbio was founded in 2017, we sought to revolutionize the pre-sale renovation process, making it faster, more effective and less stressful for Realtors and their sellers. The solution we created had to solve for speed to market, project profitability, cash flow, customer experience and Realtor® workload. 

We solved all of these problems through modern software that eliminates much of the typical on-site time required by contractors and agents. Think online walkthroughs and measurements, online material and subcontractor bidding and selection, and online multimedia updates, schedules and communication. 

Wdidn’t realize then how well that would prepare us to serve Realtors and their sellers during COVID-19, when quarantine and social distancing would become the norm. 

In addition to offering contactfree renovations, enabled by online walkthroughs and virtual estimates, we are now supporting sellers by offering free relocations during renovations, and complimentary post-renovation virtual tours for agents to market their listings.  

We are also offering the only No Loss Guarantee of its kind, ensuring the homeowner can’t lose money when investing in a pre-sale project. 

Watch this video to see a step-by-step process how No-Contact Renovations work and how our modern software and expanded offerings can help Realtors power through the pandemic:  

#PivotToCurbio to have an opportunity to win more listings, sell homes quicker and for more, and win referral sources for life. 

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