Paint Colors Buyers Will Love

Color is one of the first things a potential buyer notices when they enter a house that’s for sale. Even though paint color is a quick and easy change, most buyers let their immediate reaction to color — either positive or negative — shape their feeling about a property. In other words, this seemingly small element of the overall home can have lasting repercussions.

It’s one thing to repaint your home to suit your own taste – you know which colors inspire you and make you feel great – but choosing paint colors for a house that you are planning to sell is another story. When a potential buyer is touring a home, the colors that surround them will influence their mood, and in turn, their likelihood to bid.

Color psychology delves into the language of color and how they influence our emotions and perceptions. Most people do not have the time to research the psychology behind every potential color for each room in a house, so we’ve done the work for you. Our team has found that the following colors are best for selling homes:

Revere Pewter Paint Color

Revere Pewter


Wind’s Breath

Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray

These colors are delicate and unobtrusive, allowing potential buyers to focus on the house without being distracted.  How should you determine which of these colors to use? Keep these two tips in mind:

  • Consider the permanent fixtures – Unless they are also going to be updated, consider the existing floors, tile, and finishes (i.e. doorknobs, faucets, etc.) when selecting the best neutral paint color.
  • Don’t ignore lighting – The shade you select may look different depending on whether it is being lit by sunlight, florescent bulbs, or incandescent lighting.
bedroom renovation

We used Agreeable Gray in a recent project in Northern Virginia. This color makes rooms feel cool and contemporary, without seeming too trendy.

See the complete renovation.

We often use Penthouse in basement remodels – like the one we recently completed as part of our renovation of this DC home — to make the space feel as big and bright as possible.

See the complete renovation.

Selecting paint colors does not need to involve thousands of swatches and hours of contemplation. If you’re planning out home renovations or touch-ups for resale and would like to speak with one of our experts, email us at