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Postcard to Unlock Inventory

Customize this postcard in Canva to help homeowners realize that they can make an even bigger profit in a seller’s market by using Curbio’s “Fix Now, Pay Later” model and unparalleled pre-listing expertise.

Explainer Video for Sellers

Share this video with your sellers to help explain the value of working with Curbio for pre-sale renovations.

Leave-Behind for Sellers

This one-sheeter is a condensed version of our brochure, that is easier to print. It covers the most important elements of working with Curbio. It’s a great addition to your listing folder.

Curbio listing presentation slides

NEW – Listing Presentation Slides

Add these slides to your listing presentation to help sellers see the value of renovating before they put their home on the market.

Co-Brandable Postcard

This print-ready postcard has white space on the back. Insert your headshot and contact information for easy co-branding.

Co-Brandable Facebook Post

This template is easy to edit, co-brand, and share on Facebook. If you’re not sure where to start, follow the tutorial here:

Case Studies

Detailed case studies to share with sellers.


Use these testimonials to ease any worries your sellers might have when it comes to working with Curbio.

Selling and Renovation Options

Selling a home can be complicated, especially for first-time sellers. Use this sheet to show a seller that they have options. Don’t hide the fact that those options include selling for cash, listing as-is, and renovating with traditional contractors. Go over the pros and cons of those options with your seller, then explain that you partner with Curbio because we:

  • Have a high ROI
  • Don’t get paid until closing
  • Take less time to renovate
  • Provide turnkey service that minimizes stress

Curbio Maximum Budget Calculation Sheet

We’ve created a calculation sheet that provides an example of how we calculate max budgets as well as blank boxes for you to fill in your clients’ numbers.

Seller Testimonial Video

Share this video with your sellers to show them what one of of the homeowners we worked with had to say about working with Curbio!