We’re beginning to see signs that buyers and sellers are returning to the market, with web traffic to listings and pending sales increasing during the last week of May. But buyers and sellers aren’t coming back with the same needs. Houses are no longer just places to eat, sleep, repeat; they’re offices, restaurants, gyms and schools. 

As buyers’ needs shift, Realtors® have a huge opportunity. By helping sellers invest in the right pre-sale renovations now, Realtors® can win listings and ensure their clients sell quickly and maximize profit. The key is understanding which renovations will deliver the most value in a post-quarantine world.  

Curbio’s design team studies local and national trends and tracks buyers’ changing preferences. Here’s what we predict buyers will be looking for in the age of safer-at-home.”  

A Functional, Stylish Kitchen

An updated kitchen has always been on the top of buyers’ wish lists, but with 54% of Americans cooking more than before COVID, it’s now a must-have. Budding chefs don’t want to cook in a dated, drab space. A recent study from OJO Labs found that 50% of buyers will be placing greater importance on kitchen style post-pandemic.

kitchen renovation is a great investment for sellers–as long as it’s executed with buyers’ tastes, speed to market, and return-on-investment in mind. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

This recent Curbio-renovation transformed a dark, dated kitchen into a bright, chef-friendly space. Quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances and white cabinets are universally popular among today’s buyers. Removing a non-loadbearing wall and adding an island opened up the kitchen and provided more prep space, without the expense of a more significant change in the kitchen’s layout.

Outdoor Entertainment Zones

People are spending more time outside, gardening, socially distancing with bonfires and porch parties, and enjoying the warmer weatherMost parks are open now, but with many summer plans canceled, buyers want their own outdoor retreats at home. While you may want to warn your sellers about the risks of getting DIY-happy during the pandemic, you might also suggest that they improve their outdoor living areas before listing. Curbio can help with that, too.  

Outdoor living space is becoming increasingly important to buyers. We added a deck to this home in Laurel, MD, helping it sell in just 9 days at the height of quarantine restrictions.

Improved Curb Appeal

With more and more people shopping online for their next home (Page views on Zillow listings are up 51% from a year ago!), curb appeal in listing photos Is critical. An overgrown yard or cracked driveway will deter buyers. 

We transformed the exterior of these homes to make a great first impression online. 

We transformed the exterior of this Silver Spring, MD home with a fresh coat of paint and cleaned-up landscaping, helping it to sell in just 24 hours during the pandemic.

Now that you can actually see it, this house we renovated in Houston is ready for its next family.

More Space to Breathe, Study and Stay Fit

Over fourty-three percent of respondents want more space in the age of COVID. As families are cooped up together, for longer and longer, the need for places to do homework, hold a video conference call, get a workout in, or just have some privacy is becoming essential. 

For families looking to upsize, Curbio can help add value to their existing home sale to put more money in their pockets when shopping for a larger property. 

There’s no telling for sure how COVID will continue to affect our lives and our businesses, but we want you to know that Curbio is here for you, and we can help you power through the pandemic.