Welcome to the Curbio and KW Philadelphia Partnership Program

As a trusted partner for deferred payment, pre-sale home renovations, Curbio is pleased to offer KW Philadelphia agents with the training and support to grow their business through our services. Below you’ll find access to downloadable marketing materials and educational information.

Marketing Materials

Printable Sheet for Sellers

Download this one-sheeter to share with sellers and inform them about the value of Curbio’s pre-sale renovations.

Seller-Focused Brochure

Download this brochure to email to sellers. This will be one of your primary resources in educating clients on the value of Curbio’s pre-sale renovations.

Agent-Focused Brochure

This is for you to read (or share with other agents) to understand the benefits of Curbio’s pre-sale renovation model.

Co-Brandable Postcard

Mail this out to educate potential clients on the benefits of Curbio and to help you win listings!

Slide Insert

Giving a presentation to a potential client? Use this slide to explain the benefits of Curbio’s pre-sale renovation model and help you win the listing.

Co-Branded Facebook Post

Let’s get social! Share this on Facebook and tag @Curbio!

Once you’ve watched the webinars, take the Curbio Quiz to get certified.

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