You have a listing that’s been sitting on the market, and try as you may, it just isn’t moving. The days-on-market are piling up and so are the frustrated texts from your seller. While you’re brainstorming how to revive your stale listing, your seller is at home Googling:

Next thing you know, it’ll be:

A stale listing can put a serious strain on your relationship with your seller. They’re often on a timeline, and as their agent, you’re expected to deliver. You could be losing the listing, getting a negative review, missing out on a potential referral source, or all the above in extreme cases.

We put together a guide to show you how to revive your stale listing, so the only thing your client will be searching for is:

5 Strategies to Hit Refresh on Your Stale Listing

  • Make sure the home is buyer-ready

    If the home is outdated and needs work, or could benefit from depersonalization, ditch the “just needs your vision!” angle and convince your seller to invest in pre-sale renovations. With Curbio, you can make smart updates within 4-8 weeks that will help increase the sale price and get the home sold quicker—all with no upfront payment from your seller and no added stress for you.

  • Reassess your listing photography

    What is the quality like? Did you take the photos on your smartphone or did you have a professional photographer?   This should come as no surprise in the digital media age, but people’s attention spans are shrinking. Make sure you’re showcasing the home with high quality professional photography and that you’re hitting the home’s best highlights within the first few photos in your online listing. With many people shopping online, it may be to your benefit to invest in a virtual tour, so buyers can visualize the home without having to step foot in it. (Psst: Curbio is offering free post-renovation virtual tours with all of our projects). 

  • Ask for Feedback

    Have you had showings with buyers that you never hear from again? Maybe there’s something you’re missing that’s turning buyers off. Knowledge is power, and asking for feedback will help you and your sellers make informed decisions to help the home sell faster.

  • Consider staging the property

    Is the house empty? Is it filled with your sellers’ style and personal touches? A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than an un-staged home, and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or fewer. Staging effectively depersonalizes the space so potential buyers can really envision putting their own touch on it. Curbio can include staging within the scope of our projects, and we’ll even use your stager, if they’re willing to work with us! We can also offer storage solutions for your seller’s belongings to help clear an occupied home for staging. If that sounds overwhelming to your client, we’ll do them one better by covering the cost of relocation (completely free!) throughout the duration of a project.

  • Address big issues

    Have items come up on inspections that have ruined sales? Maybe the roof needs to be replaced, or the HVAC is past its prime. Curbio can help. We’ll repair/replace anything that’s preventing the home from being sold—and your sellers won’t pay a dime for the work until closing.

Don’t let D-O-M spell D-O-O-M for your agent/seller relationship. To find how to revive your stale listing with Curbio, request a free consultation for your listing with one of our Home Improvement Consultant experts below.

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