Maximize your profit on your greatest asset.

Never sell your home for less than it’s worth! Curbio provides a white glove service enabling sellers to upgrade their home now and pay when it sells.

Unlike traditional contractors, Curbio is focused on profit-driven updates, speed to market, and a five-star customer experience, resulting in a 28% average sale price increase and 50% faster project times.

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Curbio Info Kit:All Things Curbio for Homeowners

Curbio Info Kit:
All Things Curbio for Homeowners

Download the free Info Kit to get all the information you need about using Curbio to get your home ready for market! You’ll see how it works, get real case studies, and more.

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Unlock your home’s true profit potential

Attract More Buyers

80% of Americans want to buy a move-in ready home over one that requires any updating. With the home search process beginning online, it’s important for your home to shine both inside and out.

Sell Faster

Homes updated by Curbio sell 50% faster than homes sold as-is. Plus, Curbio completes work 65% faster than the a typical general contractor.

Sell for More

Curbio achieves a 269% ROI on home improvement costs and homes updated by Curbio sell for an average of 28% more. (That’s about $80,000 in profit in your pocket.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Curbio?

The process begins with your real estate agent! They will first begin by requesting a free, same-day estimate on your behalf—with zero obligation.

Your real estate agent will tell us a bit more about the work needed. From there, you’ll have a general estimate to review same day.

How does ‘pay-at-closing’ work?

100% of all project costs is deferred until the home sells with no upfront deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks. We simply look at sellers’ equity to ensure there is enough to cover the work (Our simple calculation for a maximum budget is 80% of the expected after-renovation value minus the amount currently owed on the property).

Curbio completes the project and gets paid when the home is sold or one year after the project is started.

Learn more about our pricing and pay-at-closing model.

What type of work can I use Curbio for?

If the home is being sold and is represented by a real estate agent, Curbio will tackle any work necessary to get the home sold faster and for more, with no minimums or maximums tied to our pay-at-closing model.

We have completed over 1,000 projects ranging from under $500 to over $800,000. Every listing is unique, and we are happy to take on anything from simple repairs to whole-home makeovers. Learn more about our services.

What happens if my home doesn’t sell?

Every home will sell at the right price, and on average, Curbio homes sell 50% quicker than the national average. In the unlikely event that the home stays listed and unsold for more than a year from our project start, you can either pay Curbio for the amount due or pay a monthly admin fee to extend the payment deadline.

How do you select your contractors and tradespeople?

Curbio only works with licensed and insured contractors and tradespeople. Our Project Managers are full-time, W2 employees and our contractors and tradespeople are heavily vetted and trained by Curbio for professionalism and quality.

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