Help Seniors Sellers Renovate Their Homes During COVID-19

While selling a home is a major life event at any age, for senior homeowners ready to downsize, retire, or move into an assisted living facility, the sale of their home plays an even more significant role in their financial future.

With a surge of first-time home buyers expected this summer—most of them looking for move-in ready properties in the suburbs—senior sellers have a huge opportunity. While many senior-owned homes are outdated, Realtors can leverage Curbio to help them get ready for market, maximize profit and sell quickly. The key is understanding the specific challenges senior sellers may face:

Limited Income 

While seniors have more equity than ever before, they are often living on retirement savings, social security, or pension payments. Fortunately, Curbio defers all renovation costs until closing. There are no income requirements, additional fees, or interest charges. 

Safety Concerns 

Understandably, seniors (and homeowners of all ages) don’t want people coming and going from their home during the pandemic. That’s why Curbio has introduced a complimentary relocation program. We’ll cover the cost for homeowners to relocated to temporary housing for the duration of the project so sellers can experience a stress-free, and safe, renovation process. Realtors and sellers can also take advantage of Curbio’s partnership with Kleard to offer no-contact tours of the home once it’s on the market.  

Pre-Renovation Needs

Many seniors are unable to prepare their home for a renovation – decluttering, moving furniture, storing belongings, etc. Curbio can handle all of this so the renovation can start on time without adding stress for the homeowners.  

For a complete overview of how Realtors can help senior sellers maximize profit and reduce days on market, watch our on demand webinar: