Help Sellers Understand Their Selling and Renovation Options

Many homeowners aren’t renovating before they sell because the traditional home improvement model is stressful, time-consuming, expensive, and, well, a nightmare.

As an agent, you understand that homeowners leave a great deal of money on the table when they forego pre-sale renovations. You know that pre-sale renovations will help you sell your clients’ homes more quickly and for more money.

Understanding Sellers’ Options

Sell for Cash

With an increasing number of iBuyers entering the market and a steady population of investors and wholesalers, it’s becoming even more difficult for agents to convince sellers that renovating is the right call. Receiving cash for your home immediately sounds appealing—especially if you need to sell quickly. But you know that if they sell to an iBuyer or investor, they’ll receive as little as 70% of the home’s real value.

List without Renovating

Listing as-is may seem like a good option to sellers because they can get on the market immediately, and in their opinion, their house is perfectly fine. But you know that without updates, it’s going to be difficult to sell the house for the same amount as comps in the area, which means the house will sit, and your seller will blame (and potentially fire) you.

Renovate with a Traditional General Contractor

If your seller’s interested in renovating, they might have a “great” contractor in mind. Maybe someone they or their friends have used in the past or even a family friend who is willing to do it for cheap. But you know that renovations done by a traditional contractor can take a long time, will require constant oversight and management (that usually falls on your shoulders), and won’t necessarily increase the sale price of the home, especially if the sellers make updates according to their personal tastes rather than what buyers want.

Renovate with Curbio

Our goal is to help homeowners achieve the full profit potential of their homes, and we partner exclusively with Realtors® to do so. To strengthen the partnership, we’ve created this sheet designed to help you explain the various renovation and selling options to your sellers. We don’t skip out on explaining the pros and cons of each option, but for most cases, Curbio offers the strongest option for sellers.