Developing and Maintaining Your Digital Brand During the Pandemic

In the real estate industry, building a digital presence has long taken a backseat to mastering in-person communication. While some real estate agents developed their online brand in anticipation of a digital wave, many agents will have to catch up quickly. That’s because a strong, clear and consistent digital brand is essential for success as everyone grapples with the COVID-19 crisis.

What can agents do to develop and maintain their digital brand so they’re not left behind during the pandemic? Here are some tips.

Get your face out there

Familiarity leads to trust, so get your face out there to boost your digital brand. Staying at home and social distancing mean in-person meetings are taking a backseat. So how can you make sure your clients can see you and not just your print marketing materials? Try videos.

Your first video doesn’t have to be live. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Make a practice video before you share anything online. Get started by outlining what you want to say. Then turn the camera on and start talking. Look at yourself while you’re speaking (selfie-style) so you can see what viewers will see. Ask someone else to take a look, too—they may see things you can’t. Don’t over-prepare or memorize your message—otherwise your video will feel forced and inauthentic. Just talk as if your client is sitting across from you. After you’ve done a few videos, it’s time to go live. It’s worth it go to live because your followers will get a notification, which will help you reach a larger audience.

Try one of these video topics to kick things off:

  • Welcome call
  • Follow-up
  • Home preview
  • Thank you
  • Tips

Check out BombBomb’s resources for more video tips, like this article on why, when and how to send “thank you” videos.

Show your adaptability 

Efforts to contain the pandemic are forcing many industries to innovate. Agents must adapt quickly in to maintain success. Tools like Calendly (scheduling), Zoom (video conferencing) and Matterport (3D camera, capture and virtual tours) can help you pivot from face-to-face to virtual everything. Show your clients your versatility and you’ll not only stay on their radar—you’ll be the one they trust to get the job done, no matter what.

Make sure your visuals are #InstagramWorthy

Visuals matter more than ever because potential buyers are staying home to flatten the curve. #InstagramWorthy listing photos are key to your digital brand. While it’s true that some homes sell in spite of low-quality images, today’s buyers won’t venture outside unless a property is truly worth an in-person showing.

This means that listings must be easily accessible online, with detailed information about the property—and the photos have to look amazing. Even before COVID-19, buyers shopped for homes online and eliminated properties based on photos alone. Whether you’re taking the photos or hiring a pro (suggested), make sure that they’re well-framed and well-lit—and that they highlight the home’s best features. Pre-sale renovations and home staging will help you make your listing photos stand out and elevate your digital brand.

Take time to focus on marketing

As an agent, you’re used to wearing multiple hats. Still, you need to take time to focus on your online marketing if you want to grow your digital brand. Many buyers are working remotely on laptops and checking their phones constantly—so your website, social media and email must clearly convey your brand. If they don’t, update your messaging and design so that everything is clean and cohesive.

Once you’ve organized your materials, you need to develop a strategy for how and when to share your them with clients. There will be a backlog of homes to sell when the pandemic ends, and a strong digital brand and purposeful digital marketing plan will help keep you top of mind—and grow your business. Get some tips on how to build our your pipeline during the pandemic.

These tips will help you develop and maintain your digital brand during the COVID-19 crisis—and they’ll set you up for success when the pandemic ends.