How Curbio’s Tech Platform Keeps Realtors and Sellers Safe During COVID-19

“Concierge” is a big buzzword in real estate. So-called “concierge services” usually offer sellers a loan or deferred payment program for staging and home improvements. Keller Williams, Realogy and Redfin have all gotten into the game. While these solutions have a technology component (an app, a vendor matching platform, etc.), they still rely on the traditional renovation industry, which has remained largely untouched by technology. The result? The renovation logistics (and the headaches they create) consume much of a Realtor’s already overcrowded schedule.

Utilizing modern software and built by both construction experts and technology innovators, Curbio has brought the residential renovation experience online to help reduce Realtor workload. By eliminating the typical on-site time required by contractors and agents, Curbio’s technology gives Realtors the ability to offer pre-sale renovations to clients to help them get to market quicker, increase seller profit and enhance client experience—without adding to their workload.

When we created our tech platform, we couldn’t have predicted COVID-19 and how critically important our software would be for Realtors during quarantine.

Our technology already provided powerful tools for virtual estimates, online measurements and remote communication during renovation, so to provide a 100% contact-free pre-sale renovation solution, we only needed to make small tweaks to our process. Today, we offer free AirBnB stays for individuals to relocate during on-site work, as well as post renovation 3D videos (on us). While our technology has been around for some time, it’s still fairly new to some Realtors, so we’re excited to walk you through how it works.

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Curbio’s Virtual Renovation Assessment

Curbio’s virtual renovation assessment eliminates the need for onsite estimates and ensures the safety of sellers, agents, employees and partners. There are three main components to our virtual model that make our pre-sale renovation process seamless and safe:

1. Remote General Estimates

Once a Realtor fills out our Estimate Form, providing the details of the listing on hand, they are contacted by a Curbio HIC (Home Improvement Consultant). Each HIC has a background in real estate, construction, and/or design, and, with the help of Curbio’s pricing platform, can quickly generate a general estimate after a brief conversation with the Realtor—no site visit required. Once the homeowner and agent have discussed the general estimate and decided to move forward, the homeowner can choose to proceed with Curbio’s standard virtual walkthrough or the new Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough.

2. Standard Virtual Walkthroughs

Our virtual tours eliminate long wait times and tedious site visits that are required by traditional contractors. Instead, we send a single video technician to the property to capture a 3D video scan. Then, the agent, seller, and one of our Home Improvement Consultant conduct a virtual walkthrough, which can be joined from anywhere with an internet connection. We use the 3D video scans to review the property, take measurements and see all potential renovation opportunities.

During the walkthrough, the Home Improvement Consultant works with the homeowner and agent to determine what work should be done to get the home sold faster and for more money. After it’s complete, we send a detailed proposal and contract that the seller signs electronically.

During the walkthrough, the Home Improvement Consultant works with the homeowner and agent to determine what work should be done to get the home sold faster and for more money. After it’s complete, we send a detailed proposal and contract that the seller signs electronically.

I loved the 3D video. It was great that you could do everything online—go into every room, discuss everything that needed to be done—I thought it made the process a lot easier and more efficient.

Ria Dougherty
Ria DoughertyTTR Sotheby’s International Realty

3. Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough

The Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough works similar to our standard walkthrough, but allows for no-contact during the estimate process. If the seller prefers this approach, they can conduct video scans of their property right from their phones using a mobile app. This eliminates the need for a visit from a 3D video technician.

Curbio’s Project Portal

Once the contract is complete, the Realtor and seller are given access to the Curbio Project Portal which allows homeowners and agents to stay up to date throughout every step of the project. Through the portal, their Curbio Project Manager will provide schedules, photos, and videos, so that everyone is kept up to date and comfortable with the work being completed.

Once the renovation is done, Curbio provides a post renovation 3D walkthrough video to the Realtor to use for their EDL listings.

Technology for now, and for the future

When we first introduced our technology to the real estate market, we had no idea how important these services would become. While the threat of the Coronavirus remains strong, our virtual approach continues to support Realtors as they power through. And even post-pandemic, agents are predicting a “tech-savvy, virtual-heavy future” for real estate. No matter what the future holds, it’s clear that utilizing innovative technology solutions to support Realtors and their sellers is the smart path to take.

If you have a listing and would like to find out if a pre-sale renovation would be a good fit, get a FREE ASSESSMENT today.