Curbio Maximum Budget Calculation Sheet

When we ask real estate agents who have partnered with Curbio their number one tip for explaining the value of pre-sale renovations with sellers, they all say the same thing: Make the business case. Show them how they will make more money. And keep it simple!

A critical component of making the business case for our “Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell” model is understanding how we calculate the maximum budget for each project. While our minimum project is $15,000, the maximum budget is based on the property’s after renovation list price and the amount that the homeowner still owes on the property.

It’s fairly simple. We take 80% of the after renovation list price and subtract the amount still owed on the property. We use this calculation because it leaves a buffer in case the home doesn’t sell for quite as much as the estimated post-renovation value. The maximum budget ensures that when the home is sold, there will be enough equity for your sellers to pay for our renovations as well as any remaining mortgages and liens—and still walk away with more money in their pocket.

To help you show and explain to your sellers how this works, we’ve created a calculation sheet that provides an example of how we calculate max budgets as well as blank boxes for you to fill in your clients’ numbers.

To make the most of our maximum budget and increase the equity your sellers receive our Home Improvement Consultants will work with you to discourage your sellers from taking on renovations that might be nice, but won’t add value. We also use our carefully curated selection of materials that we know buyers love based on data from past projects.

The fact that we don’t get paid until closing means that Curbio, homeowners, and agents are all on the same team and share the same goal. We want to help homeowners sell their houses for the best price, quickly, so that we can get paid for our work. The result is a huge lift in list price and net proceeds for sellers. On average, homeowners who renovate with Curbio see an ROI of 215%.

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